Weddings in the churches of  Burton Joyce, Bulcote, and Stoke Bardolph
If you are engaged or thinking of becoming engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!
You are making one of the best decisions anyone can make, the decisions to be committed to one other person for the rest of your life. We are delighted that you have found someone wonderful to whom you can make this life-changing, life-enhancing commitment. We think God may well have had a hand in bringing you together, and we hope you can see His hand at work in this way.
If you feel that this is the Church where you want to make your public commitment and seek God’s blessing for your married life, we will be delighted. We will pray for you and with you for God’s blessing, God’s glue, to keep you stuck together.
The Law says that to be married here you have to either live in the parish or to have a connection with the parish, which includes Burton Joyce, Bulcote, and Stoke Bardolph. A connection might be that you or your parents used to live here, that you have relatives buried here, or other links. Talk to us about any links you have with this parish. If you don’t already have a connection with Bulcote and Burton Joyce you can make a connection by coming to church on Sundays.

To make a connection by coming to church, you need to come regularly. ‘Regularly’ does not mean every week, but at least once a month. You can come to the 9am service at Holy Trinity, which is a good traditional hour. You can come to the 10.30am service at St Helen’s Burton Joyce, a mixture of traditional and more modern, usually for an hour and a quarter. First Sundays in the month are different. There is a service of Holy Communion in traditional language at 9.00am in Holy Trinity, Bulcote, and at 10.30 in St Helen’s which is is more lively, child-friendly, and usually less than an hour. 
If you have been married before, we are happy to welcome you here to make a new beginning in your new marriage. Jesus was clear that marriage should last for life, but He was, and is, also forgiving to everyone who recognises their mistakes. Jesus makes new beginnings possible for everyone. 
With people who have been married before we do some extra preparation. We meet for two or three sessions, to look together at the past, make sure that mistakes have been recognised and God’s forgiveness has been asked for and received. This enables you, emotionally and spiritually, to make the new beginning you are looking for.

The next step? Phone our Parish Office (0115 931 4212) on a Monday afternoon or a Thursday morning. Ruth Strong, our Parish Administrator, will check that you understand how to be married here, and arrange to send you a form. Once you have returned your form, your date will be booked in our diary. We look forward to seeing you on Sundays before your wedding. Even if you already have a connection with the parish, it is good for you to be used to being in church so you feel comfortable on your Wedding Day.
We usually have an annual Preparation Session on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in February. We go through the practical details of the service and the choices you have to make. We also help you to talk with each other about what the words of the service mean to you, and about issues in your relationship deeper than the everyday. You will receive an invitation to this in December or early January.
We enjoy people having their weddings in our beautiful church buildings. We look forward to rejoicing, with your families and friends, in God’s blessing on you.