Sundays in the Parish of Burton Joyce with Bulcote and Stoke Bardolph

We enjoy life with God. We enjoy the peace, the hope, the guidance, the love, that Jesus gives us to share around. On Sundays we come together to be encouraged and strengthened to live with God, like Jesus. Please join us, as and when you can.
With three lovely churches, St. Helen's, St. Lukes and Holy Trinity, we enjoy variety on Sundays for people of different tastes and temperaments.

Holy Trinity Church, Bulcote follows the old Book of Common Prayer at 9am every Sunday except the first in the month. 
The beautiful traditional language and the pattern followed by generations before us, help keep us close to God. We sing well known traditional hymns, sometimes following an organist, sometimes with music on CD. After an hour opening and exercising our souls and hearts, we enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, some biscuits and a chat.

St Helen’s Church, Burton Joyce enjoys the best of old and new.
The 8am said Communion sets us up for the week. 
At 10.30am we have a happy gathering of all ages. On the first Sunday each month we have All Age Worshp when we all stay together, celebrating and learning in a way that has something for old and young. On the second, third and fourth Sundays , there are "4 All" Groups for parents and children. On the second Sunday, there is 4 All Chatty Church, on the third Sunday is 4 All Crafty Church, where children and parents make things and on the fourth Sunday, there is 4 All Chewy Church, with singing, playing, learning  and eating together.
 In church there is Bible teaching to make adults think, prayer and worship to help us express and develop our inner life. We are led by a robed choir, with music played on our high quality modern organ. We come together at the end for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat.

St Luke’s Church, Stoke Bardolph is smaller, more intimate. 
On the first Sunday each month at 9am we have a Communion in modern language but with a traditional feel and traditional hymns. 
On the third Sunday, at 4pm, we either follow the old pattern of Evening Prayer or have a more informal time of hymn singing and prayer

Communion is our sharing bread and wine remembering Jesus, taking his life into us. It is a sign that we are serious about Jesus in us. We welcome all who are used to taking bread and wine, in any church. If you are not used to receiving bread and wine in church, come forward with everyone, holding a book, and you’ll receive a blessing. If you would like to join us in seriously taking Jesus into your life, have a word with the person leading the service. This usually involves a few weeks of preparation.

Please feel free to drop in at any Church on any Sunday. We hope and pray that you too will receive peace, hope, guidance, love, and more, from Jesus for today.

First Sunday
8am St Helen’s                 Quiet Communion, no hymns. 
9am St Luke’s                    Communion with traditional hymns.
10.30am St. Helen’s         All Age Worship. Mostly modern songs, child-friendly.

Second Sunday
9am Holy Trinity               Morning Prayer, traditional, with hymns.
10.30am St Helen’s     Communion with older hymns and modern music.
Third Sunday
8am St Helen’s              Quiet Communion, no hymns.
9am Holy Trinity            Communion, traditional, with hymns. 
10.30am St Helen’s     Morning Prayer, modern, with older hymns and modern music.
4pm St Luke’s             Hymns, prayers and Bible learning , old and new.

Fourth Sunday
9am Holy Trinity              Morning Prayer, traditional, with hymns.
10.30am St Helen’s      Communion with older hymns and modern music.