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Techno India School of Management Studies [TISOMS]


Bizzy Bytes is the ezine (electronic magazine / online magazine) of Techno India School of Management Studies [TISOMS].

Bizzy Bytes is unique in the sense that it was a result of voluntary efforts of all those who are involved with this magazine. The writer pool is very diverse. It consists of our ex-students, current students, and faculty members. We are distributed geographically but this magazine brings us together with a common vision. Seeing our dream becoming a reality is a great feeling which we all share.

This magazine is absolutely free, to be enjoyed and shared with one and all. The target customers of this magazine are management students mainly; though I daresay even management professionals would enjoy it.

All management students and professionals are welcome to contribute articles, comments, photographs to it. Bizzy Bytes is intended as a vehicle to share our experiences with one and all, learn from each other, and above all, have a lot of fun doing it.

This is a collaboration of three departments of Techno India college: School of Management Studies [Represented by all students & faculties], Hospital Management department [Represented by Prof. Anis Chatterjee] & Media Studies department [Represented by Prof. Bijan Chakraborty]

Your comments and criticisms are requested so that we may strive to achieve the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

Let me explain why we thought of the name Bizzy Bytes. Bizzy stands for business, i.e. any thing related to the world of business and management is our area of interest. Bytes indicates it is an electronic magazine or ezine.

 -- Monojit Banerjee


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