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Business Development Friesland (BDF) operates within a large international network of companies, intermediaries, local governments and knowledge institutes. We can bring you in contact with the right contact person in numerous countries. Our initiatives like the Fryslân House concept, export program WiN! and several European projects help SMEs to realise growth on an international level.



Dalalyft is an EU-financed project in region Dalarna of Sweden. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for educational and competence development to small Dalarna businesses, both the owners and their employees. Collaborating in the project are representatives from both the public and the private sectors. The project has one specific aim: to strengthen the position of regional small businesses in the marketplace. When regional businesses are competent and prepared to take on the challenges of the future, and when they are aware of the support that exists in the business world, the result is a more competitive and attractive region with a successful business environment.



Inflow is a Leonardo da Vinci project that worked towards greater European recognition of informal and non-formal learning. It worked to ensure that the labour force had the necessary skills as well as the capacity to adapt and acquire new knowledge throughout their working lives. It developed models for the:

-       identification of informal learning taking place within SMEs in terms of (e.g. IT and communications skills, working as part of a team, other generic skills)

-       extension of this informal learning to other employees

-       recording the evidence of this informal learning e.g. in an electronic portfolio or other e-records 



Inqubator Leeuwarden is thé hotspot for startups and professionals who have a good idea for a new company. If you are looking for a workspace or an office, you are very welcome to come by for an acquaintance. Entrepreneurs are getting supervised professionally in the development and growth of their company and get full access to the network. Our partners supplement our knowledge and facilities. We adapt our partnerships to changes in the market and this way we are connected to the future needs of innovative startups.



SIEN is the Network of International Entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden that continuously works towards increased trade and global cooperation. We started in 2009 closely joint with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish Trade Council, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce et al, to increase the Swedish SMEs export opportunities. The goal of our network is to create a joint support for the development of the local small businesses' abilities to expand to other countries in specific markets. We do this through a combination of measures such as market research and consulting for various forms of market positioning, partner search, etc.



SME Academy is an international network based on the knowledge FOR and ABOUT SMEs. The network was founded in Sweden. Over the years it has grown and now includes members from a large number of countries around the world, not least from the member states of the European Union.
The SME Academy members is a diverse group of business developers, trainers and mentors, consultants, service providers, authorities, representatives from the public sector, universities with researches, teachers and professors. In short all of us who have that in common that we work daily with and for SMEs in some way.



Wirtschaftsjunioren Zwickau is a membership-based nonprofit organization of more than 50 young entrepreneurs and leaders. The local chapter is part of the worldwide Junior Chamber International, the largest network of young entrepreneurs in the world. The networks mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. As responsible citizens in a globalized world, JCI members take on the challenges around them through local development initiatives. With this principle at its core, the JCI structure constantly offers leadership and internal training opportunities to its members.
Schindler Consulting is a young and dedicated team that has set itself the task of both creative, sophisticated as well as offer innovative solutions for demanding information technology. With the expertise in business and information technology areas, they support customized system solutions and custom software for the efficient mapping of your business processes.
mein.büro is a new coworking project in Zwickau. By the help of modern equipment the topic of "coworking" should be more attractive and conceptual. With a pleasant and professional atmosphere freelancers, creatives and smaller enterprises should be respond. Even for official business meetings it's possible to use mein.büro. It starts were home office ends. mein.büro will help to build start-ups and to bring people together for discussions, elevator pitchs, seminars/workshops, to exchange experienves and know-how.

A.N.G.A. (Associazione Nazionale Giovani Agricoltori) has been set up in 1959 as youth area of the Confagricoltura.

Its main scope is the agricultural enterprise and the agricultural entrepreneur as professional profile to be promoted, represented and protected. Nowadays, ANGA is a proactive association which trains the young agricultural entrepreneurs.

The commitment and knowledge among the agricultural young entrepreneurs, within the Organisation, which they have joined, is the basis for the personal and professional growth, the acknowledgement of the differences and the affinities by developing and finalising ideas and projects.


The activity of AGIA (Associazione Giovani Imprenditori Agricoli) is addressed to support the insertion of young persons in the agricultural activity and to valorise the young agricultural entrepreneurs.

The main objectives of the Association are safeguard and promote the professional profile of young agricultural entrepreneurs, by setting up services of technical assistance, book keeping, legal and agronomic assistance, by organising courses of Vocational Training.