Contact person: Kenneth OE Sundin
Smebox AB works with seminars, trainingsessions, conferences and projects for small- and mediumsized companies.
SME ( Small- and mediumsized entreprises ) is the first part of our name. and describes our targetgroup.
We work direct with entrepreneurs, company owners/founders and top-managers who leads and manages SME:s. We also work with organisations supporting the startup of new companies and development of SME:s.
Box stands for the Toolbox we have with tools and knowledges of them and the skills to use them in your business.
With our own and our partners tools and skills we can dessign the content in our cooperation based on the needs and opportunities your business is facing. Not only can we design this in the best format but also are we very flexible in where we can work together. It can be on-site in your office, in a conferencecenter, on a cruiseship or in any country you would like to learn more about.
If you are interested in knowing more about how you can benefit from our services – or if there is something that you need and don´t find on this web – just call or send us an e-mail.
Smebox AB was founded 1999 based on the ”IT-SMEltery” – product.  
Smebox AB

PO Box 1633

S – 751 46, Uppsala


T    +46 70 578 52 52