Contact person: Maria Della Giovampaola

Se.Ri.Fo. srl is a private company providing real services, research and training actions to SMEs working in many sectors, such as Agricultural, Agrifood, Rural, Environmental etc. In particular, its training interventions are aimed at designing and experimenting new training methodologies and approaches addressed to small entrepreneurs and micro enterprises, in order to equip them with knowledge, skills and competences which are able to support them in managing their own enterprise. In particular, our actions are addressed both to entrepreneurs who are already installed in the Company and have difficulties in innovating their management strategies and young people who are willing to become entrepreneurs and need suitable competences and skills to run a company.
In this view, Serifo:
- has designed and tested a non formal training methodology (TAS for AGRIFORM) addressed to adult farmers who are over 50 y.o. and low educated in order to establish a training approach tailor made on their learning characteristics and styles. The methodology has also been selected by the European Commission as a Best Practice of training approach to SMEs and included in the Guide for the Training of the SMEs as an example of strategy able to approach a difficult target to the VET;

- is implementing an innovative project (V-3DAS) addressed to young people with a technical training background and willing to become farmers. The project is aimed at constructing a training curriculum in order to provide this specific target with managerial skills and competences and to improve their entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. The project is experimenting a new way of integrating ICT in a training curriculum through the development of a 3D Virtual Farm in

Second Life which will be used as a scenario for an experience of professional practice before setting up a real enterprise.

Se.Ri.Fo. srl – Società di Servizi Reali, Ricerca e Formazione

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