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Krakowskie Centrum Zarządzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o. (The Cracow Center of Management and Administration Ltd) – KCZIA is a private SME, founded in Poland in 1999.

KCZIA specializes in:
1. Consulting - outsourcing services adapted to specialized needs of other businesses (more than 30 period contracts with SMEs).  The mission of KCZIA on this area is to offer high quality services with commitment and consistency, in order to enhance and reinforce the competitiveness of the enterprises, through the promotion of innovation, technology transfer, utilization of research outcomes, development of links with research institutions, exploitation of opportunities for financing and assistance for utilization of development programs.
2. Education for adults:
a) The Training Centre for Adults.
b) The Cracow Centre of the Improvement of Educational Personnel (KCDKO).
The Training Centre for Adults.
KCZIA has a wide experience in vocational and adult training issues through the company’s participation in a variety of lifelong learning projects. KCZIA is also currently participating in projects to do with distant learning, adult education and establishing links between the academia and the industry sector (e.g. ESF project SPIN-OFF, SPIN-OUT – START UP). KCZIA is organizing also the social skills trainings and ICT trainings (e.g. project: ECDL - your chance on the labour market). KCZIA has a wide experience in dissemination and exploitation issues and project marketing.
The Cracow Centre of the Improvement of Educational Personnel (KCDKO).
KCDKO was founded in 2004. KCDKO is registered by regional educational authority - Malopolska Provincial Educational Office. KCDKO is organizing the trainings for the teachers, school managers and other persons who are working in primary, secondary and upon secondary schools.
Ours courses include following subjects: - sustainable development, - entrepreneurship, - methodology of the teaching, - innovations in the teaching.
KCDKO is also preparing the analysis of educational requirements and educational needs.
KCDKO was involved as a partner in the centralized Comenius Multilateral projects: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and 3EMI - INTERCULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOLS.
KCZIA has been engaged in various ESF projects as a contractor .We have also been partners in a number of EU LLP projects (Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci), e.g. Housewives in WWW, Active citizenship trough Information and Communication Technologies at all ages [activeICT], ICE - (Inter) Cultural Capitals across Europe - Intercultural approaches in adult education in the context of European Capitals of Culture, Art for live: creative learning paths.  KCZIA was a coordinator in Grundtvig LLP project - PRO ALL - Promoting Adult Learning.
From 2011 KCZIA is a coordinator in Comenius Multilateral project “The Corporate Volunteering as a bridge between the world of work and schools – training for schools leaders, teachers and other school personnel”. This has given us a wealth of experience in developing and delivering innovative learning packages.  We also have experience dissemination and exploitation of projects and project evaluation. We are highly experienced in project management. The key persons have “own” professional educational and training experience.
Kakowskie Centrum Zarządzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o.

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