IUT Universite Bordeaux
Contact person: Amelie Perret  
CRED IUT Bordeaux 1 is part of the public University of Sciences and technology of Bordeaux, France. Our aim is to contribute to the innovation in SMEs. We act with a team having multidisciplinary expertise on innovative projects, and the research laboratories of the region Aquitaine.
Our activities are:
- Education of students (BSC level) on innovative projects, with an approach “learning by doing”
- Training of professionals for “management of innovative project”.
- Advice for the implementation of methods of management of project within companies
- Providing support for holders of innovative projects
- Involvement in projects dealing with innovation, transfer of technology, project management and e-learning, at the different levels: local, national and international
Since 1991, we have developed a wide network of companies and organisations, and have provided support for 500 projects for the benefit of 250 companies and with the collaboration
of 30 research laboratories.
Institut Universitaire Technologique de l’Université Bordeaux, France

351 cours de la Libération

33405 TALENCE Cedex


T    +33 (0)5 40 00 60 00

F    +33 5 56 84 58 98

E    amelie.perret@iut.u-bordeaux1.fr