Templates and Checklists 
Templates and checklist are to make life easier for you when you are planning on becoming a knowledge provider. Use the templates that you think suit your needs and help you provide your training.
   In this document you summarize the target group of your training, special requirements of the learners, the learning objectives, time required, etc.
This template contains the important elements and the structure of a training presentation. The contents depend on your training topic.
Calculate your training with all needed equipment, material, staff, etc. and find out how economic it will be according to the number of participants.
Collect all training arrangements and needed resources/training materials; equipment/administration forms (e.g. computer/notebook, beamer, flipchart, moderation accessories) and structure your training (training contents) with times, materials, responsibilities (your own tasks and the task for your participants), etc.
This document is the guideline for your training and includes all contents, descriptions for the contents, instructions for exercises, solutions for exercises, transitions to next topics, etc. and told you who is doing what at which time and with the help of which material.
 For your own development process as a trainer it is helpful to ask your participants to evaluate your training regadering e.g. appearance, structure, contents, organisation, competence, etc. 
This list is the proof of attendance for your participants as well as for your own activity. 
Prepare all needed information for your participants including exercises, secondary literature, etc. with room for your own notes.
At the end of a training session, an evaluation of the session can be held with the whole group. This type of evaluation completes the individual evaluations with a questionnaire.