Become a Knowledge Provider
BizLearn.Net will not educate professional trainers but BizLearn.Net will prepare entrepreneurs as knowledge providers. Therefore a curriculum made up of six single modules has been developed and tested with the target group. The curriculum combines all materials which are useable for the “train‐the‐trainer” sessions and aims to simplify the handling of the variety of available materials. The six learning sessions of the BizLearn.Net curriculum are built uniformly and include a session plan, a PowerPoint presentation, Trainer’s Notes, a Participant’s Handout for each single session and additionally for some sessions special activities or/and read more information. All materials (except the participant’s handout) are collected in this handbook in the correct order. If you are interested in the single materials please get in contact with the project partners.
During the pilot test phase of the Bizlearn.Net project entrepreneurs in all partner countries shared their knowledge with peer- entrepreneurs in several sessions. Some testimonials are:
'By sharing knowledge you establish an image as an expert' - entrepreneur from The Netherlands


'I was used to presenting, now I am more familiar with training' - entrepreneur from The Netherlands



'I was a bit critical before the training started to give my knowledge to others. But I mentioned that it’s a give-and-take basis' - entrepreneur from Germany



'You live and learn despite years of experiences. And now I additionally know how I can share my knowledge with others and pass on my experiences' - entrepreneur from Germany 



Do you have something to share in the field of: Web2.0 tools / HR / Marketing / Law / Business Managment or any other subject ?


Share your knowledge with peers and obtain the information you want. The BizLearn.Net project seeks to create an innovative learning platform for entrepreneurs throughout Europe.


BizLearn.Net will result in a free virtual platform where entrepreneurs can exchange and share their knowledge, experiences and key learning points with each other. The way entrepreneurs interact and use the BizLearn.Net platform will totally reflect their needs and how they want to use it. Its design will be led by the business owners themselves, not by education or business experts.


To enable sharing of knowledge and expertise, the BizLearn.Net Project will develop training to teach entrepreneurs of all kinds to share their experience and knowledge. On this website you can find all the tools, templates and checklists you need to prepare a training event. There is also a list of interesting links available to make providing training as easy as possible.