About BizLearn.Net

BizLearn.Net will develop new forms and models for increasing the participation of small and micro enterprises in continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities.


Through BizLearn.Net a (learning) network of small-and micro-enterprise will becreated, which as a "living" organization, will generate new learning content and training courses itself. It will thus promote informal and self-directed learning. The network, both as a traditional network and a virtual training and learning platform will offer practical solutions for the specific needs of this particular type of enterprise. 


It will primarily be the expertise, skills and experience of the entrepreneur used by a mutual knowledge and skills transfer, both guided and independently to formulate and introduce new content to the network. To achieve this, the entrepreneurs should be strengthened in their roles as managers, salespeople and trainers and set up their own coaching and training system through mutual learning or external facilitation. The contents are thus further processed to self-learning opportunities so that they can be made available for potential users on web-based learning platforms and in new venues such as learning centers.

The web-based learning platform will also serve as a place of exchange and communication for the network. Materials and knowledge will be made available to users here. Moreover, entrepreneurs and their employees will improve their communication and media skills through both, the use of the learning platform and the training of trainers. They will be able to use these skills in their professional and private life and for the development of their business.
It is precisely the skill of dealing with new media that will mean a significant saving of time in daily business. This could have a positive impact on the economic development of small and micro enterprises across the region through the multiplying effect of the network.