Key Advantages to Buying vs. Starting a Business

1. Buyer can often start drawing a paycheck immediately after closing.

2. It is typically easier to obtain financing for an existing business that has a good track record, than it is for a start-up.

3. Time...time...time. Buying an existing business can save you three to five years in start-up time and costs.

4. Existing staff is trained and experienced freeing the sellerĀ  to concentrate on growing the business.

5. Prior owner can provide invaluable assistance, training and hand-holding to new owner after the sale.

6. Sources of supply and quantity pricing may already be established.

7. Credit with vendors is already in place and may be transferable.

8. A successful business history increases the likelihood of future success.

9. Access to a large customer base developed over many years.

10. A good long standing reputation with the community, customers and vendors allows you to build quickly on a successful base.