Business Buyers- Why Hire A Broker?


Today, financing for small business is more difficult than ever. Those are the tough words that no buyer wants to hear when they are searching for a business to buy in Arizona.

That's one of the key reasons why you need the services of a Buyer's Broker to assist you in your acquisition search. A Buyer's Broker represents your interests in a business sales transaction and:

·        Uses his or her contacts and relationships to find businesses for sale that are NOT yet listed, or that are NOT listed in traditional media.

·        Aggressively pursues listings from other business intermediaries and business brokers throughout Arizona.

·        Searches nationwide for situations where national companies are divesting themselves of Arizona based divisions.

·        Helps level the playing field when negotiating with sellers that sometimes have several buyers making offers at the same time.

·        Will assist you in getting the best seller financing terms available.

Best of all the services of a Buyer's Broker are free to the buyer. The broker is compensated at closing in a co-broke arrangement with the seller's agent similar to a residential home sale. As a buyer, that means that you receive all the benefits of working with a Buyer's Broker without any cost.

As a professional Business Broker, much of my work is representing buyers as a Buyer's Broker.  I partner with my clients to assist you in making the right acquisition. The right acquisition means the right business, at the right price and terms.... for you. Please contact me today at 480-559-4300 to get started on your search!