Collaboration and Group Dynamics

Dr. Bendoly is regarded as one of the pioneers of the domain of Behavioral Operations Management.  He co-edited the first special issue on Behavioral Operation in 2006, and has published / forthcoming a total of 18 articles in this domain at the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Applied Psychology and Decision Sciences (a selection listed below).  His interest with regards to the role of human behavior can by divided into group-level/collaborative phenomena (described below) and individual-level responses to work policy, complexity and uncertainty

In the case of the former, his work has investigated a range of dyadic collaborative and group settings primarily in the contexts of technology implementation / project management and supply chain management relationships.  Survey and controlled laboratory experiments have been his primary methods applied.

A conceptual meta-analytic summary of his findings is presented in the image to the right.  His findings have generally found that the interplay between shared understanding, social conditions, and gaming tendencies and the operational/information context, gives rise to feelings of safety, willingness to voice, willingness to share and in general stronger collaborative/group dynamics.  These are shown to generate a host of higher level performance benefits empirically, including reduced defects and costs, greater innovation and development efficiency.

Title Authors Outlet  Year  Link
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Bodies of knowledge for research in Behavioral Operations Bendoly, Croson, Goncalves, Schultz Production and Operations Management  2010  
Project performance and the antecedents and implications of project group member ties: A multi-level analysis Bendoly, Capra, Thomas Decision Sciences Journal  2010  
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Attributions of the ‘Causes’ of performance as an alternative explanation of the OCB / performance relationship Bachrach, Bendoly, Podsakoff Journal of Applied Psychology  2001