Operations/Strategy/Technology Alignment

Dr. Bendoly's work on fit between operating policies and IT system implementations / post-implementation use began with his work with SAP at Indiana University.  Since then he has worked on interdisciplinary studies with a range of OM and MIS researchers in an attempt to better bridge the knowledge bases of the two fields.  Much of this work deals with the fit between the use of enterprise systems / enterprise bolt-ons and the needs of the operations managers, new product developers and overarching firm strategy.  His work has also had a focus on the sharing and use of specific forms of information across functions.  He co-edited a special issue on the Operations and IT interface for the Decision Sciences Journal in 2008, and was awarded special recognition for Interdisciplinary Thought Leadership that year.  His other works in this area appear in POM, JOM, Information Systems Research and MIS Quarterly.

A conceptual meta-analytic summary of his findings is presented in the image to the right.  Similar to his work in Behavioral Operations (group and individual dynamics) the findings of his research at the firm level demonstrate the importance of issues such as fit with regards to operating policies and the use of technology.  The findings also emphasize the importance of knowledge management, strategy/operations alignment, time-lagged effects and connections both among firms and among a given firm's functional units.

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