This page describes the gritty details of the what Bitten's SpellFlash: Atonement will flash.  Note that this is a separate addon from Bitten's SpellFlash: Priest.  Unlike the rest of Bitten's SpellFlash modules, this Atonement module is not meant for maximizing end-game performance. Instead, it is meant to make you the meanest dps-ing atonement healer around, mostly because that's fun. It's also great for speeding up instances where healing is easy, while you are leveling or grinding VP.

Download the addon from  If you are having any troubles, check the FAQ and if that doesn't help create a ticket.  If you have a question that the FAQ doesn't answer, leave a comment on the download page.


  • Prioritize healing under % health: When anybody in your raid/party drops below this percentage, the rotation will adjust to only cast spells that will heal them.  Default value: 90.


Flashing follows this priority.  Note that somebody "needs healing" when their health is below 90% (configurable in the options).
  1. Shadow Word: Pain: If nobody needs healing, and it is not already on your target.
  2. Power Word: Solace: If you have it glyphed, and you do not need healing.
  3. Penance: Sometimes it will flash small and green when it is still on cooldown.  This means you should wait for it to come off cooldown, which will provide better dps/hps than casting something else.
  4. Holy Fire/Power Word: Solace: On cooldown.  However, if it is glyphed and you need healing, it will be skipped.
  5. Shadow Word: Pain: If nobody needs healing and it is on its last tick.
  6. Smite

Additional Flashing

In addition, these spells will flash under the following conditions:
  • Shadowfiend/Mindbender: When you have less than 76% or 82% mana, respectively.
  • Power Infusion: When it will not bring the cast time of Smite below the gcd.
  • Silence: When your target is casting something interruptable.
  • Desperate Prayer: When it will not overheal you.
  • Dispel Magic: When your target has an effect that can be dispelled.
  • Power Word: Fortitude: When someone in your raid needs it. Refreshed at 5 minutes out of combat.