This page describes the gritty details of the what Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage will flash when you are in Fire spec.  Download the addon from  If you are having any troubles, check the FAQ and if that doesn't help create a ticket.  If you have a question that the FAQ doesn't answer, leave a comment on the download page.  If you have a suggestion or request to improve the addon, add it or vote for it on the suggestions page.

Combustion Monitor

Combustion MonitorFire comes with an unimpressive-looking combustion monitor that can be turned on and off in the options. It appears as white text in the middle of your screen; simply click-and-drag it wherever you like.  Though the graphics are simple, the calculations are accurate. The first line shows your current crit rate and the number of ticks combustion would have if cast immediately. The second line shows the estimated total damage of combustion if cast immediately, with the value per non-crit-tick in parentheses.

Important: for Combustion to flash at a reasonable time, you should pay attention to the number in the lower left for a while.  In the options you should set "Minimum Combustion Total Damage" to a number that is high, but that is reachable regularly.  I cannot tell you exactly how to choose the best number to maximize your DPS with your gear - the best I can say is play with it to find what works best for you.

Main Rotation

Spells will flash according to this priority:
  1. Pyroblast: If it will be instant cast.
  2. Inferno Blast: If you have Heating Up.
  3. Mirror Image
  4. Nether Tempest/Living Bomb/Frost Bomb
  5. Rune of Power: If the last one you cast will expire within about 6 seconds.
  6. Mana Gem: If you have less than 10% mana.
  7. Evocation: If you have less than 10% mana, or you took Invocation and Invoker's Energy will expire within about 6 seconds.
  8. Frostfire Bolt: If glyphed. It will also continue down the priority list, because Fireball is equivalent.
  9. Fireball
  10. Scorch: Flashes orange if you are moving.

AoE Rotation

This is not currently an AoE rotation for Balance.  Feel free to vote for its suggestion.

Additional Flashing

In addition, these spells will flash under the following conditions:
  • Combustion: When it is estimated to deal at least the amount of damage specified in the options.  If Alter Time, Pyroblast!, or Presence of Mind are up, it will not flash so you can get in the extra Pyroblast before using it.  If it is estimated to do double the damage specified in the options, it will flash regardless of procs.
  • Alter Time: When Pyroblast! is up.  Flashes small and green if you have Presence of Mind and it is off cooldown, indicating you should press it first.
  • Presence of Mind: Basically on cooldown, except that it will be delayed when appropriate to line it up with Alter Time.  Also causes Pyroblast to flash small and green at the same time, to help you remember to press it next instead of Fireball.
  • Evocation/Rune of Power: When their respective buffs from level 90 talent are down, or Alter Time is coming off cooldown and they will not last through it.
  • Cold Snap: When you can use its full heal.
  • Counterspell: When your target is interruptable.
  • Spellsteal: When your target has a stealable buff.
  • Conjure Mana Gem: If you took Invocation, are out of combat, and have less than three charges left on your current Mana Gem, or less than 7 charges on your Brilliant Mana Gem.
  • Molten Armor: When you don't have it up. Refreshes at 5 minutes out of combat.
  • Arcane Brilliance: When anyone in your raid within range who uses mana doesn't have it (nor any equivalent buff). Refreshed at 5 minutes out of combat.


A lot of research went into these rotations.  I logged hours in Simulationcraft maximizing its dps.  Hopefully the results of my work increase your dps!  If you are handy with simc, you can use my action lists to create stat weights or test gear changes for your character using SpellFlash's rotation (as closely as it can be modeled in simc).  If you find improvements to the rotation (with proven numbers in simulation), please let me know!