All of Bitten's SpellFlash modules have a few options that may not be easy to find.  They are:
  • Toggle AoE Mode: AoE mode will flash a special rotation more suitable for AoE situations, if the module you are using has an AoE rotation defined for your spec (if it does not, the only change is which flashes become blue).  Check the description for your spec using the links along the left to see if it has an "AoE Rotation" (for an example, see the Arcane page).
  • Toggle Debugging Info: This is only useful if I ask you to use it for troubleshooting.
  • Toggle Floating Combat Text: Turns on/off Blizzard's "Damage" and "Floating Combat Text on Me" options.  Why is it part of my SpellFlash modules?  Because I kept turning them on/off to test things.
  • Toggle Damage Mode in Groups: Tanking rotations have (or will have) a damage mode that is used when solo and above 50% health.  This option forces the damage mode to be used even in groups, which is useful for content that the tank and/or healer(s) out-gear.
  • Toggle Blizzard Proc Highlight Animations: Turns on/off the flashy border animation that comes with the default Blizzard UI.  By default it is replaced with a thick red border that does not flash, because that is harder to confuse with SpellFlash's suggestions.  If you really want to keep the default animation this can turn it back on.
You can access these options two ways.  The first is with Bittens SpellFlash Key Bindings.  It will add key bindings for some of the options to the standard keybinding interface (available in-game after pressing escape).  The rest are added under the SpellFlash options (escape -> Interface -> AddOns -> click the + next to SpellFlash).

Alternatively, each can be toggled with the /bsf command, which you can add to macros and/or keybind manually:
  • /bsf aoe
  • /bsf debug [optionally, put the name of a specific debug tag to turn on/off here]
  • /bsf floatingcombattext -or- /bsf fct
  • /bsf damage
  • /bsf blizprocs