PLEASE NOTE: most of the addons are not yet ready for 6.0.  See the "General" section for more info.


Which addons/modules do I actually need for SpellFlash to function?

The easiest way to install any addon is to use the Curse Client. It will automatically download and install everything you need. If you don't want to use it for whatever reason, you will need to download both a class module (e.g. Bitten's SpellFlash: DK), and SpellFlash.

It used to be required to also download Bitten's SpellFlash Library, but it is now included with each class module.  If you downloaded and installed it in the past, it is now safe to delete.

Which dependency is missing and where do I get it?

If WoW says "Dependency Missing" next to your SpellFlash addons, something went wrong with installation.  Some users even report this problem when using the Curse Client (which is supposed to take of all that for you).  If this happens to you, SpellFlash did not get installed correctly.  You will have to install it separately.

Is it OK to have two SpellFlash modules for the same class?

Yes, having multiple modules for a single class is perfectly fine. You can have both installed and choose between them in the options for SpellFlash by using the drop-down under "Selected Class Module". Get to the options by pressing escape (with default key bindings), selecting "Interface", going to the "AddOns" tab, then selecting "SpellFlash". Also notice many modules (including all of Bitten's) provide further customization by pressing "Configure Class Module."

Nothing ever flashes.  What's wrong?

If nothing at all ever flashes, it is probably either an installation problem or a Lua error.  If you don't know what to do, follow these steps to narrow the problem down, then to either report it or fix it:
  1. First, let's make sure the options for SpellFlash are set correctly:
    1. Log in and go to the Game Menu (by pressing Escape, or clicking the "Game Menu" button near your bags).
    2. Click the Interface button
    3. Click the AddOns tab on the top left.
    4. Is "SpellFlash" in the list on the left?  It should be at or near the bottom, in blue.  If not, move to step 2.
    5. Click on "SpellFlash".
    6. Is there a check mark next to "Spell Flashing"?  If not, put one there.
    7. Is your class module (e.g. "Bitten's SpellFlash: Pally") available in the drop-down list under "Selected Class Module"?  If not, move on to step 2.
    8. Select your class module in that drop-down.
    9. Click Configure Class Module.
    10. Make sure there is a check mark next to Spell Flashing and Flash <Your Spec>.
    11. Try getting into combat again.  If it still does not work, there is probably a Lua error.  Move on to step 2, but feel free to skip steps 4-7 (because if you got this far, everything is installed correctly).
  2. There may be an installation problem, but first let's ensure that "Display Lua Errors" is turned on:
    1. Click on the Game tab on the top left
    2. Select Help at the bottom of the list on the left
    3. Make sure Display Lua Errors has a check mark next to it.
  3. Log out.
  4. Click the AddOns button.
  5. Find your class module in the list (e.g. "Bitten's SpellFlash: Pally").
    • Is it missing?  If so, it is not installed correctly.  Try installing again.  I recommend using the Curse Client.
    • Does it have a check mark next to it?  If not, put a check mark next to it.
    • Does it say "Out of date" or "Dependency out of date" next to it?  If so, select "Load out of date AddOns" on the top right.
  6. Find "SpellFlash" in the list.  It will be near the bottom, instead of alphabetized.
    1. Is it missing?  If so, it is not installed correctly.  Try installing again.  I recommend using the Curse Client.
    2. Does it have a check mark next to it?  If not, put a check mark next to it.
  7. Click Okay.
  8. Enter World.
  9. Did a window pop up reporting an error?  Does it say "SpellFlash" somewhere in that error?  (If it popped up but does not say SpellFlash, you may need to use the left/right buttons to find the correct error.)  If so, select all that confusing text, copy it (press ctrl+c), create a ticket, paste the error in (press ctrl+v), give any other relevant information, and submit the ticket.  You are done with the troubleshooting.  Try to figure out how to play the game without flashing buttons, and hopefully I will get back to you soon!
  10. Do things flash now?  If so, yay!  You did it!  Enjoy!  If not ... umm ... send me a PM on or something ... because I have no idea.


AddOn X tried to call the protected function Y

WoW has a difficult time with this particular error; it ends up blaming a seemingly random addon, instead of the one that actually caused the problem. The only way to determine whether SpellFlash (or one of its modules) is really at fault is to disable all the rest of your addons, then see if the error still occurs. You can turn addons on/off like this until you narrow down which one is actually causing the problem. I know that sucks to have to do, but I know of no other way.

<Addon Name> is been blocked by an action only available in the Blizzard UI

This error is just like the one above.

How do I fix the INTERFACE_VERSION error?

When Blizzard releases a new content patch, they also usually classify any addons that have not been updated since then as "Out of Date." When this happens you will need to click the AddOns button on the character selection screen then click to "Load out of date addons." Often times this will make your SpellFlash modules work perfectly again. If you experience errors with SpellFlash in game after doing this, please open a ticket or leave a comment on that module's page so that it can be fixed quickly. If other "out of date" addons give you trouble after enabling them, you can return to that same screen and un-select those particular addons until they are updated (or uninstall them completely).

Why isn't spell X flashing?

There are five possible reasons one of your spells may not be flashing, assuming your other spells are:
  • That spell is not on your action bar. I doubt you'd be asking the question in this case - but nonetheless it's true.
  • The spells is being cast by a macro that is not set up properly. See the next question for more information.
  • A spell with higher priority is flashing, but it is on a hidden action bar so you can't see it. With the default UI, this can happen if you page your action bar and the higher priority spell is on a different page. If your action bars are modified by an addon, it may have settings that show/hide bars and even specific buttons.
  • It's not supposed to be flashing. If you are using one of Bitten's SpellFlash modules, check the description page for your class and spec to see if that spell is listed. If it is, look carefully at the conditions necessary, including any other spells that have higher priority. If you still don't understand, or feel that the conditions/priorities should change, feel free to leave a comment, send a PM, or open a ticket.
  • There is a bug. If you are sure the spell should be flashing according to the description, please leave a comment on that module's page, send a PM to the author, or open a ticket.

My macro is not flashing.

SpellFlash can flash your macro as long as you choose the question mark for its icon (which will automatically make the icon match whatever spell the macro will cast) and its first line is #showtooltip. Then it will flash as if it was the spell that shows up in the tooltip. Make sure "Flash Macros" is selected in the options. One user reports that macros managed by MacroBank are not flashing, but if he copies and pastes it into a new (duplicate) macro, that one works. If a macro is not working for you please try this workaround.

My spells flash for a short time, but then they stop and nothing flashes at all anymore.

This sounds like a bug! It would be very helpful if you submitted a ticket including the Lua error. To see the error make sure they are turned on in your options (escape -> interface -> game -> help -> display lua errors), relog or /reloadui, then do whatever you did before to make it stop flashing. A window will pop up with a bunch of information you don't understand, but the author will understand perfectly. Please highlight all that confusing text, copy it (by pressing ctrl+c), create a ticket, and paste that information into it. Thank you!


When will my class be ready for 6.0?

The short answer is "I don't know."  I, Bitten, am stepping down, but new developers have stepped up to take over.  I will help them get up to speed as I have time.  There may be some bumps in the road at first, such as the fact that none of the modules were ready when 6.0 went live, but I hope they will soon all work and work well!

So far, these modules should be working:
I'm sorry that I cannot provide a concrete timeline.  :(

Will Bitten's SpellFlash work at my low level?

Bitten's SpellFlash modules are designed for max level characters.  They will all work before max level, but not at level 1.  When exactly they will start working depends on your class, and I cannot say when that will be.  In general, if you have most of the spells that are used for the rotation (you can find a list of them using the links at the top left of this website), it should be fine.

What is the difference between, e.g., BigRedBrent's SpellFlash: Warlock and Bitten's SpellFlash: Warlock?

SpellFlash does not do anything on its own; it requires a module to instruct it what to flash and when. Any addon author can create a SpellFlash module, even though one already exists for that class. To understand the differences you really need to check the descriptions of each one. As the author of Bitten's modules, I can say they are designed for dungeons and raids at max level, and are useful for dungeons as soon as you have the main spells that are listed for your spec in that module's description.

I like the default Blizzard proc highlighting. Give it back!

Bitten's modules replace the default Blizzard proc highlighting, rather than adding to them, because it is just too confusing to have Blizzard flashing some spells and SpellFlash flashing another.  However, if you have "Default Proc Highlighting" enabled in the options for SpellFlash it will display a red border around spells to indicate procs.  Also remember that Blizzard provides the option to show graphics in the middle of your screen to indicate procs (escape -> interface -> game -> combat -> show spell alerts).  Be assured that the modules track your procs and take them into account when deciding which spell to flash.

How can I turn off flashing for spell X?

Though this is not officially a feature of SpellFlash, you can take advantage of a quirk to stop a particular spell from flashing if you wish.  Use a macro for that spell, and do not do one of the things mentioned in "My macro is not flashing": either do not use the question mark icon, or do not begin the macro with #showtooltip, or turn of "Flash Macros" in the options.