Welcome to the BIT Everest Project

A open source library that supports all popular mobile digital TV demux

BIT Everest in a netshell

BIT Everest is a open source software project, which offers free software libraries for digital TV developers. Our main purpose is to help multimedia devloper with all flexible C/C++ libraries. We now support MPEG-2 transport stream deumx, Korean/China T-DMB  demux, Japan 1-Seg demux. China CMMB demux release will come soon.

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Why Creating BIT Everest

BIT Everest is the name of a Robocup team. The founder of this project was one of that team. BIT stands for Beijing Institute of Technology more

About the author

BIT Everest (the project on SourceForge) is created and managed by Lin Ma, who is currently working for a chip design company. more

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Open, Free and Flexible

Now we support T-DMB and 1-Seg. Join now? Let's make it better. Join the discussion group

My purpose in creating this project is to help people who are currently working on mobile digital TV project or wants to study the know-how. I have been working on this part for years and would like to share my experience with you guys. Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.

Download the latest library (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 project)

BIT Everest Digital TV Dump App 1.0 (Windows Version) 

Digital TV Dump (1-Seg and T-DMB) Source Code (VS2006)

Free T-DMB demux source code download

Free 1-Seg demux source code download

Meanwhile, source code downloading is availbe through CVS

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@digitaltv.cvs.sourceforge.
net /cvsroot/digitaltv login

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@digitaltv.cvs.
sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/digitaltv co -P everest

Or you may browse the source code with ViewVC. Click Here

How to run this program?

Download the full source code and unzip (by WinRAR) to your local hard disk. Double click the solution file "Test.sln" located in everest\library\demux. You will see two projects, one is the MPEG-2 transport stream demux (including 1-seg demux) and another is the test sample. The test sample will read a .ts file and dump the audio and video to you diss D. You may change the path accordingly in test.cpp. 

If I have a problem or find a bug

Please ask questions and report bugs to Google discussion group. The group name is biteverest. Visit Here Discussion Group

Japan 1-seg digital TV demux development finished

Right now the BIT Everest Digital TV project supports Japan 1-seg stream. Just download the source code via CVS and have a try. H.264 and AAC dump file will appear in you locak hard disk

MPEG-2 Transport Stream demux is being developed

The author is now developing the very fundamental demux for all TV standards: MPEG-2 transport stream demux.