Figgy banana soft serve parfaits (v, lf, gf)

Makes approximately 1 cup of fig paste and 2 ice cream parfaits.
Vegan (depending on your view on figs), low in fat, gluten free.

Food processor required.

Author: Bite-sized thoughts.

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For the figgy paste -

1 cup / approximately 150g dried figs
1 tsp vanilla

For the soft serve ice cream -

2 medium frozen bananas


1. Make the fig paste by combining the figs and vanilla in your food processor and blending until the mix is semi-smooth and clumping together. Transfer to a bowl or container.
2. Add the bananas to your food processor (no need to clean), along with 1 tbsp of the fig paste. Process until the bananas are smooth.
3. To create the parfaits, add approximately one-quarter of the banana mixture to a parfait glass, dot over a few small dollops of the fig paste, and then top with another quarter of the banana mix and a few more dots of fig paste. Repeat to make the second parfait. Serve immediately.