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Zucchini noodles with a creamy turmeric dressing (v, gf, r)

Easy summertime eating!

Serves one as a hearty meal, or two as a smaller main or side.


Blender or food processor required; spiraliser or mandarin required.

Author: Bite-sized thoughts.

Original post (with pictures) here.


2 tbsp hemp seeds (or seeds of choice)

2 tbsp non-dairy milk of choice

1 tbsp cashew butter (or nut butter of choice)

2 tsp turmeric

Pinch of salt

Few cracks of black pepper

1 medium courgette / zucchini, spiralised

Handful of spinach leaves

1/4 cup corn kernels

1/4 cup green peas

Small handful of cashews or other nuts


1. To make the dressing, combine the hemp seeds, milk, cashew butter, turmeric, salt and pepper in a small blender and process to combine. Set aside while you make the salad.

2. Spiralise (or use a mandarin to slice) your courgette and place in a medium-large bowl. Add the spinach leaves, corn and peas. Pour over the dressing and toss through. Sprinkle with nuts before serving.