Strawberry, quinoa and oat pikelets (v, lf)

Adapted from my apple, sultana and quinoa pikelets
Vegan and low in fat
Extremely delicious with sweet fruit bites throughout
Makes 16 small pikelets
Original post (with pictures) here


1/2 cup self-raising flour
1/4 cup quinoa flakes
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 flax or chia egg, or 1 egg
3/4 cup milk (I used soy milk)
1 small apple, peeled and diced
1/3 cup strawberries, roughly chopped

Oil spray, for coating the pan

Optional: 1 - 2 tsp cocoa powder


1. Combine the flour, quinoa flakes, oats and bicarbonate soda in a large mixing bowl.

2. In a small bowl, prepare your flax / chia egg or egg. Add to the dry mixture along with the milk, and stir well to combine. Mix through the diced apple and strawberries

3. Heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat and drop dessertspoonfuls of mixture onto the pan. I did 3 pikelets at a time. Cook until bubbles start to appear (~1 minute) and then flip and repeat, so both sides are browned. Repeat for the other pikelets.

Optional: Add cocoa powder to the last quarter or so of batter, to make 4 or 5 chocolate pikelets.