Pear and banana oat bread (v)

A simple yet effective bread that works well for breakfast or a hearty snack.

Makes approximately 15 slices.

Vegan and wheat free.

Author: Bite-Sized Thoughts.

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3 medium ripe pears

1 medium ripe banana

5 cups rolled oats

2 tbsp tahini or nut butter of choice


1. Preheat your oven to 180'C and prepare a loaf tin.

2. Process the fruit and oats in a food processor until well combined. The mixture should be like a thick dough. Add the tahini or nut butter and process to incorporate. 

3. Transfer the mix to your prepared tin, and bake for 16 - 20 minutes or until golden and firm on top.

Serve plain or toasted with topping. Store in the refrigerator after the first day.