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Initial Bio:
R.M. Renfield (first name never given) begins the novel as a patient in Jack Seward's asylum. He is "zoophagous" meaning he is obsessed with consuming life, starting with flies. His moods are tied to Dracula's activities.

Twitter personality:
Due to his psychosis, Renfield eventually breaks the fourth wall (and often his cell walls) to converse on Twitter. He is fully aware of the events of the novel and often of current (21st century) events.

Twitter account: @RMRenfield

Latest Tweets

Memorable tweets:

We always leave the lights off; we don't burn fuel when we fly; and we're doing our part to solve overpopulation. Vampires are GREEN!

Power corrupts, oxygen corrodes, and sunlight gives you cancer. At least vampires can do without two of those.

Oh God, there's a vampires vs. werewolves subplot in Twilight? That's ridiculous. Some of my best friends are werewolves.

Daylight savings time has killed more vampires than @VanHelsingMD ever did.

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