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Jonathan Harker

Initial Bio:
Harker begins the novel as a recently promoted solicitor in the law firm of Peter Hawkins. He is sent as Hawkins' representative to conduct the sale of property in England to Count Dracula. Prior to leaving England, Harker became engaged to Wilhelmina (Mina) Murray, a school teacher. The novel begins as Harker nears the end of his journey from Exeter to Transylvania.

Twitter personality:
In the novel Harker is earnest and polite, also quite verbose. In this version, he is sarcastic and cynical, as well as brief.

Twitter account: @JHarkerEsq

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Classic tweets:

Carpathians are a whirlpool of superstition, cultures, languages. Peasants all fear for my life. Also have excellent chicken paprikash here. -- 3 May 1887

Terrified landlady forced her gaudy old cruficix round my neck. Still waiting for the damn carriage. So now I'm late AND tacky.-- 4 May 1887
Note to would-be vampire slayers: A shovel is NOT a suitable tool for disposing of the undead. It. Just. Makes. Them. Mad. -- 30 June 1887