Solid Oak Lamp Table

solid oak lamp table
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solid oak lamp table - Octagonal Lamp
Octagonal Lamp Table by Broyhill - Warm Nutmeg Finish (4078-007)
Octagonal Lamp Table by Broyhill - Warm Nutmeg Finish (4078-007)
The mission-styled Artisan Ridge lamp table features timeless arts and crafts design elements including simple straight lines, visible joinery and solid, superior craftsmanship. Beautiful oak veneer shows through a warm, dark hand-rubbed finish, accented by undertones of a golden hue. This gorgeous finish is complemented with hammered metal pull hardware with copper nuances.Broyhill Key Quality Features: Multi-step finishes that protect the natural wood's beauty for color depth, and clarity, and provide a rich even finish Thicker side panels (5/8'') for studier furniture Backs of storage pieces have corner blocks and the back is screwed to ensure stability Drawers have English Dove Tail construction, Dust Covers, and corner blocking stability Wood on Wood glides with drawer stoppers for smooth and safe functionality

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1950's 60's Mid century Solid Credenza / Sideboard / Dresser-$500
1950's 60's Mid century Solid Credenza / Sideboard / Dresser-$500
1950's 60's Mid century Solid Credenza / Sideboard / Dresser Really nice vintage sideboard. 9 drawers are constructed using white oak with dovetailed joints. Nice condition overall. There is a small chip on the back edge of the top surface as seen in the detail shot. Other than that, it's quite handsome. Nice rattan cane details on the top drawer sections. Very sturdy credenza. Would be great as a tv stand as well. Nice choice for a mid century home. Measures: 66" L x 19" D x 31" T Asking $500 obo
vintage herman miller fiberglass
vintage herman miller fiberglass
vintage herman miller eames grey fiberglass shell on modernica maple rocker frankenstein chair modernica noguchi replica cyclone side table glossy white laminate on walnut base george nelson large cigar bubble lamp on matte chrome floor stand old stuffs - de la espada atlantico solid oak wood sideboard, boconcept sofa explore #6

solid oak lamp table