Contemporary bar stools and tables. Black coffee tables and end tables. Oak coffee table sets.

Contemporary Bar Stools And Tables

contemporary bar stools and tables
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    bar stools
  • Barstools are a type of stool often with a foot rest which, because of their height and narrowness, are designed for seating in a public house or bar. However, barstools are becoming more popular in homes, usually placed at the kitchen counter or at a home bar.
  • (Bar Stool) The typical height of a bar stool is between 29 inches and 31 inches.
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contemporary bar stools and tables - Modern Contemporary
Modern Contemporary Adjustable Bar Stools, Set of 2
Modern Contemporary Adjustable Bar Stools, Set of 2
This is a swivel bar stool in the true sense of the word as it provides a 360 degree swivel option. Vinyl and chrome plated body makes this bar stool look modern and chic and this is the black stool can be added to any place. You can even install this chair as a kitchen counter stool. Though there is a slim back rest, extra padding in the vinyl makes it comfortable and the large sized foot rest is also a contributing feature for extra comfort. There is minor assembly needed with instructions provided. Dimensions: Stool measures: 20" W x 17" D x 34.5"-43" H Seat area: 20" W x 16" D Seat height: adjustable from 24.5" to 33" tall.

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Flat Bar Stool
Flat Bar Stool
Lem Piston Bar Stool's sculptural stainless steel seat not only swivels, but also adjusts easily to a bar height. The Lem Piston Stool Tomoko Azumi's style, is suited for both commercial and residential environments. The popular LEM piston stool effortlessly blends sculptured form with convenient swivel and height adjustable functions. Its highly original shape offers an uncluttered atmosphere when several bar stools are grouped together.
Bar Stools
Bar Stools
Two Bar Stools w/swivel, patio furniture indoors or out, has matching table with 4 chairs

contemporary bar stools and tables