Bistro tables wood - English pine tables.

Bistro Tables Wood

bistro tables wood
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  • a small informal restaurant; serves wine
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Inspiration and Dreams: Sundance Somerset Dining Table and 1956 Armchairs
Inspiration and Dreams:  Sundance Somerset Dining Table and 1956 Armchairs
A new catalog just arrived, and I swooned as soon as I saw this page...I love EVERYTHING in it! The table, the chairs, the hanging candle pillar holders, the chairs, the name it. This is the ideal outdoor summer dining scenario! The photo shoot took place in Austin, Texas. To me, this is the epitome of summer! I love the blend of the wood with the zinc/steel chairs, too. Yum!
wood edged top
wood edged top
Test item for sidewalk cafe table tops. Most I see in cafe's have the wood border, thought Id try and construct one.

bistro tables wood