Don't Take Our Word For It...

Robyn - The food was fabulous as usual.

Everything was just what I pictured (food). Good job!

Mary Navratil

"Out of this world"

"Best pulled pork I've ever had"

"I love these bars"

"Can we do this again?"

Just a few of the comments today.......as always.....it was great!

Julie Lutjen

Poet Energy

I just wanted to send a quick email since I didn't get to tell you this in person. Robby Pedersen and I stopped in for lunch yesterday (my first time in) and it was WONDERFUL! I absolutely loved the potato soup.

Kim Anderson

I was previously introduced to your wonderful restaurant by some local businessmen, the Erickson’s of Story City, IA. During that visit, I had for the first time, your raisin crème pie (please keep in mind I’m usually not a “pie” guy). It was delicious. Afterwards, I asked my wife to try and find a recipe for raisin crème pie, which she did and made me one. I love my wife dearly and she made a good raisin crème pie, but she does not make one nearly as good as the one I had at your place. I will definately return for more.......

John Shaw, Regional Manager 

Roscoe, IL 

Breakfast & Lunch was awesome!!!!!! Thank you very much for taking care of my needs on such short notice.

Bob Teuscher
Finishing Department Manager
American Packaging Corporation
Story City, Iowa 50248

Thank you so much for your efforts in making our large meetings in October such a huge success! 
I truly appreciate your business and professionalism! The ribbons on the boxed lunches in the "Sauer-Danfoss"
colors make a huge difference in presentation!
Thank you so much for all that you do for us here at Sauer-Danfoss!

Toni Casperson
Administrative Specialist at Sauer-Danfoss

Lunch yesterday was wonderful! The boxes were adorable.

Jody G. Danielson, Admin. Specialist

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Iowa State University

If I were king of the world, I would decree the Bistro to be chef to the royal court. However, since royalty is not in my blood, I am contemplating kidnapping the chef and chaining her to a post in my kitchen to become my Forever Soup Slave.

Michael Jamison


Lunch was great. The Baked Potato soup was awesome. Thank you for the outstanding service. 

All of the participants had many positive comments about your lunches.


Tommy R. Chance 

Sauer-Danfoss Inc.
Lean Specialist

Ames, Iowa 50010

I could go home at lunch time and fix myself a bologna sandwich and open a can of soup....but why should I when I can go to the Bistro and enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and a sandwich made fresh! And, if I get there on a day when robyn has made a pie, I know that all is well in the universe. The Bistro is one of the best places to eat.

Brian McNamara
Pastor, Grace Methodist Church

The Bistro is a winner! Nestled in the midst of Story City's main thoroughfare, is this New York style treasure. The food is divine, because robyn works magic with each addition to the menu-----tasty soups, super salads and sandwiches, and "to die for" brownies. I can't wait to fly back to Iowa, and one of my very first stops will be The Bistro.

Francis Bartlett Kinne
Chancellor Emeritus Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, Florida

We (at the Ethanol Plant) ordered lunch today and I wanted to let you know that the French Onion Soup I ordered was BY FAR the best I have EVER had!

Heidi Nye
Poet Energy

Thank you for the delicious lunches with such attractive presentation.
Maureen Lyons - Treasurer

FABULOUSO meals for middle school teachers. THANK YOU SO MUCH. - Laura Carlson