The city of the future - National Lampoon

"The artist is always engaged in writing a detailed history of the future..."

- Marshall McLuhan

 Wyndham Lewis lived here (Percy Wyndham Lewis)

Glenn Gould is Everywhere - Literally

New York Run by the Swiss 

Keith Richards:Trouble in Toronto  Blind Justice

Hugh Kenner:  the impact of travel on literature

Anita Pallenberg:  She shared Richards' drug addiction and a warrant for her arrest was what led cops to Keith Richards' hotel room in Toronto where he was arrested for heroin.

( ? )  - Toronto, 1981

Massiv Analog Academy:
CLAIRE FONTAINE ,Kim Gordon,Amy Granat, Wynne Greenwood, K8 Hardy,Samuel Lewitt, Klara Liden,Scott Lyall, Martha Rosler, Emily Sundblad, Kara Walker,Percy Wyndham Lewis & Lee Williams 

Reena Spaulings in Paper Too Lee Williams & Scott Lyall :  What is Art?    Scott Lyall at the Power Plant THE COLOUR BALL

               Lee Williams: Jutta Koether and Emily Sundblad in the style of the rediscovered 1970s

                                                   ...behind which name stand   Jutta Koether and Emily Sundblad.

ES in Paper   "See Emily Play"  Gram Hurts


The origin of the pseudonym

What drives the fervent use of the alias in contemporary art? - Will Bradley

Hijack our ability to identify them...Mary Hartman Mary Hartman..uh...  Reena Spaulings Reena Spaulings


Still Life with Glenn Gould and bananas


An artist of the future 



Toronto Island

WYNDHAM LEWIS (1882-1957)
Lewis was a British artist, writer and publisher, infamous for his vicious satirical work. His text, "Code of a Herdsman", was written shortly before the first world war. With a subtitle of sorts appended to his text for this exhibition, his text combines the ideological impetus behind Daumal’s novel and the thematic of the pedagogical situation.   Plus:  Bryan Ferry loves him.  (And so do I).

A mysterious persona who emerged recently within the context of Reena Spaulings and Scorched Earth on Manhattan’s
Lower East Side. She is the 4th female Lee after Krasner, Bontecou and Lozano, and also an inversion of William Burroughs’ pseudonym William Lee. Her drawings are made with a limited palette of materials and techniques: pencil, felt tip pen, ruler, sometimes matches, can be made by anybody, and often are. Plus: Bryan Ferry loves them.  (And so do I).

SCOTT LYALL                "...I know my clichés."
Lyall is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. Lyall, a former student of Michael Asher in California, scanned an image from an Asher catalogue, of a piece in which Asher photographed a white section of wall in a gallery and represented it on its walls. 20 years after its publication, the printed page had yellowed with age, and Lyall subjected the scan to 3,600 randomizations of the color shifts in the image. The consequentimage, which appears at first glance to be entirely blank,eventually reveals the indignities of time that Asher’s reproduction had suffered.           Plus:  Bryan Ferry hates him.  (And so do I).

  "Wyndham Lewis" "The CrowdBlast  "The Art of being ruled"  in images

                      The "In" Crowd - Thirty-plus yrs on


 Shark Boy

“I have a very strange relationship with this city.”  - Keith Richards