A JK Adventure

w/Walter Salles

Road movie





from the Trip to California































































































July 2010 My story on Tony and me, Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Salles 

 Three days in San Francisco including  American Zoetrope  on Avenue Corso (Columbus) in North Beach.


 Harry Smith

“Intellectual Mischief-Maker”

Seminal experimental animator, trickster anthropologist, psychedelic pioneer, self-taught scholar in a dozen fields, abstract painter, editor of the most important recorded collection of American folk music ever, occult master, legendary parasite, curatorial genius, shaman, Skid Row drunkard:

People have called Harry Smith a lot of things.

Still going strong in in Print and in Person

Pure Majic Some Crazy Magic

w/ Gregory and co 1988

He was a friend of mine... T.A.

"...and he always had some young kid as apprentice with him."

Unavailable commercially for over a decade.

The Smithsonian

has done a wonderful job

of remastering the set

A Grammy Award

Harry Everett Smith died at the Chelsea Hotel on November 27, 1991

Ed Sanders Recalls His Friendship with Harry Smith


Harry Smith Anthology Remixed in Newcastle (2007)


In later years he developed a propensity for truly heroic levels of substance abuse, taking heroin, alcohol, speed, acid, crack, and solvents in massive quantities and various unwise combinations.


'Materials for the Study of Religion and

Culture in the Lower East Side'



And an Hommage with

Lou Reed, Nick Cave, David Thomas, David Johansen, Beck, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Philip Glass,  Wilco, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Beth Orton, Ed Sanders and Sonic Youth.


Harry Smith... From SF to NYC

"The amazing thing is that in the last year of his life he was awarded a Grammy for the advancement of American folk music.


He was dressed up in a tuxedo without a tie, and he stumbled trying to climb on the stage.


He was given a moment to make a speech and said very briefly that he was happy to live long enough to see the American political culture affected and moved and shaped somewhat by American folk music, meaning the whole rock-n-roll, Bob Dylan, Beatnik, post-Beatnik youth culture.


It was a beautiful speech because it very briefly said that he'd lived long enough to see the philosophy of the homeless and the Negro and the minorities and the impoverished- of which he was one, starving in the Bowery- alter the consciousness of America sufficently to affect the politics.





   Who will be next ?   Kids playing street hockey in Montreal




San Francisco to New York City







 Union Square SF


Tony  can be reached from SF to NYC at this address 


Union SquareNYC


























Of course, before  

Harry Smith & Maya Deren  

there is always  

Edna St. Vincent Millay :

"I am at present under the influence of hashish, gin, bad poetry, love, morphine and hunger...."

- a poisonnous mix for sure.

May 2, 1935


Just ask Gregory Corso: The Interview

As far as I know, no later rebel poet, no celebrated Beat, brought to the writing of poetry a more conscientious schooling.

The New Criterion

 ...an incendiary cocktail of literary ambition, fame, sexual adventure and addiction.

Arlindo Correia 



Kerouac-Millstein  PDF doc

"Wednesday, September 5, 1957"

"Wednesday, September 5, 2006"



“It’s about the forgotten ones”

- Clayton Patterson in conversation

Ryan Trecartin 1981


Benjamin Smoke

The Last Beat?


As Opal Foxx


As Ian Curtis if he lived to die


At 10 o'clock in the F****n' mornin'


w/ Patti Smith




One article   Two articles

The Greatest Doc in life



 Lubin The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th



Another TA 





Crowned Fellini and Bergman wrapped in one gloriously possessed body by the L.A.Weekly.

Maya Deren  is arguably the most important and innovative avant-garde filmmaker in the history of American cinema.

Using locations from the Hollywood Hills to Haiti,   Deren made such mesmerizing films as AT LAND, RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME and her masterpiece MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON

 New York Godess

 Pre-Beat Beat

 Gone Films at UBU

 Hommage à  MD

Meshes at Motion

Incandescent passion and energy

John Zorn did a wonderful Maya

Marcel Duchamp & MD

Deren's use of medically prescribed amphetamines most probably was the most significant factor attributed to her early death.