The Elvis of the 70s (80s, 90s, 2000 and Beyond) 

For an age in which reality and entertainment have become increasingly intertwined

                                David Bowie singing Elvis Presley on the 25th anniversary of Presley's death                      Bowie's LAST concert in the UK:  2004 The Isle of Wright             

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Sound of the future?   B-SIDE 

Helen Green UK  Magic
Iman DB at TS BD Nov 2013
Rare appearance last yearrrrr
Kate as standin this year
Chicago IS 2014-15
Simon Chritchley Violence
Lou Reed Funeral 2014
Lou Reed 2013
TND...A brilliant union of the past and present.
Janelle Monae Soccer
"I'd rather be high" Venetian

Bowie Oct 30 Jimmy King
The Official Photo 
Swingin' with Rick Moody
Gavin Friday on TND
NME Bowie Oct 2013

Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy

22 pages of "Nothing"
NME Bowie Cover 2013
Old Sock
     At Sixty-six
The Myth
The video
"I can only add that this record is one for the history books " - The Magic Shop

The Song of Norway
Bowie Song of Norway Letter To Hermione

Letter To Hermione   Glasper

Has Elvis left the building...?

Is David Bowie...?

Interesting interview

Daily Mail Sighting

Toy in Bit Torrent
Soulwax Hommage 
Bowie's IPOD

 WSJ: Tesla is Cool

Moon  & the young Mr. Jones 

=  ex-Zowie  Travel


 Song of Norway

Letter to Hermoine Cover
What Bowie did

Iman on THE HOUR 

Arnold Layne

Extras  is so Funny 


Jimmy Scott

Kiss of the Spider lady Stardust
Kiss of the Spider Lady Stardust  

"...and when i was living in Berlin, i would sing this at breakfast, every morning..."

2003 in England

Reality TMWSTW

 Gorge Amphitheatre

ncle Floyd

3 songs-the 70s
The Last Tour

Station to Station
2004     1976

Meltdown LOW

 Cactus Pixies in Paris 
"Heroes" in Berlin

This is not Training Day

Tagged on Tumblr Lexi


Tibet House

 Roseland 2000 Full



20th Century Boy (in 1999)

Great live version in the air

Dirty WL/WH   SHIT @ 50 Plus

London Full Press 1995


Neil & Peggy  FULL Bridge    

 A Lad Insane 

TMWSTW   Bridge

Aladdin Sane  

Balthus Bowie 1993Balthus Bowie Art


Buddha of Suburbia
with Avi No Logo Part 5

Warhol 11 sec 1971  New Window... don't open...



Rockpalast 1996 FULL

Outside Outakes

Outside:The Nathan Adler Diaries, A Hypercycle- is in a strange way a conceptualist suicide note.

The Q Awards Eno & Bowie 

Black Tie White Noise Tonight Show 1993

Black Tie White Noise 

Tonight Show  1993

You've been around



Bowie John Lydon Nora Forster
w\ Mr Pistol & Madame P.I.L.
Reed Bowie Krist Novoselic
Lou Reed DB & Krist Novoselic

Tin Machine were so good
Blow that Sax in Hamburg

TM 2  on TV

Hunt over 2 decades later

Arsenio One Two

R 'n R TM 


Shit in Germany 

 Ferry Tin Machine

Fame 90

 Live 1990 Young            La La Human

Five Decades of
Rolling Stone



 Tin Machine is

So good  in Part1  and Part2

Maggie 's Farm Plus

Tin Machine Bowie
Under the God 1989  Plus

La La La Human Steps in London 
Again in better copy

Labyrinth The Movie

1986 Dancing  Tonight Having a Pepsi with you Tina
Live Aid for Africa

"Bertolt Brecht's Baal" {1982}

Time        Australia

Under Pressure

Pressure  (Isolated Vocals)

Masterclass Pressure

Bowie Deneuve

Lugosi DEAD



Pat Metheny America

Klaus Nomi SNL  

Joey Arias  SNL

       Boys SNL

All Three SNL Songs

Klaus carried Bowie 

Ahead of it's time

Fiorucci Two


with Johnny Carson

On Broadway 1

On Broadway 2

On Broadway 3

Broadway Fr TV 1

Broadway Fr TV 2




 TMWSTW 1996

Nirvana TMWSTW







More... CHH

  Enter the Hospital



Utter Horror


Frightened to know

Jump they say 

when Terry Burns 

died in  19 8 5



Anne Clark worked at Cane Hill    The SONG


David Jones Terry Burns

"Yet the work is, behind David's courting of controversy on the sleeve, a frighteningly-personal one, with references (albeit fantistical) to Terry Burns"

Laurence Buxton on
Wonderland and TMWSTW

A history of mental health

Cane Hill Hospital Razed to the ground

Cane Hill 2014 Razed to the ground

   Miracle    Goodnight


TWO     Film  & Here

Three   The Best


w/ DB as Buster

Buster Keaton - FILM 

by Samuel Beckett

Bowie Buster Keaton 1993

From Oscar Wilde to David Bowie

"Aesthetics of self-invention" 

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

I took a trip on a Gemini Space Ship ...

TOTP Heathen

Highline  LSC

Laugh In  1968

At first, it's like 'This is crazy.' But if you stick with it long enough, you realize the brilliance."

 Stardust paralyzed 5:15

This is the Stardust Major Tom
45Tours Original 

Jacques is at Hiva Oa...


@ 80 



TMWSTW in the studio & remastered  

Mother of Rock: The Life and Times of Lillian Roxon

Tell my wife I love her very much (She knows)

Eleven seconds in 1971
Bowie and Cousins and TMWSTW in March 1971 

First in America


She knows (1969) 



 Jimmy King in 2013 to  1973 in London     1981 in Toronto    2007 in Vauxhall



Saint Genet 1973  & 1950 Jean Genie

 The 1980 Floor Show Full



                                                      Bowie TopPop Holland 15 February 1974
                                                                                        1980 Floor Show Outtakes 
Complete on a TV:  1984  Jean Jeanie


 DA Pennebaker about the making of the 1973 concert film "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"





Leee Black Childers Bowie in Toronto Diamond Dogs Tour 




 Sweet Thing   1974     LA Hollywood







    Max's Kansas City and Springsteen       

How David Bowie Spent 1974




                                                                                                  Johnnnny  1977  1987  1997  2007 not fun



 1974: Diamond Dogs Advert
2014: A
n incredible twelve and a half thousand words


Soul Dogs Full Audio October 1974 

            Cher             Cher

                                                       Be My Wife                                              Film                                Marianne Faithful Babe

         Tom Waits Bowie Bette Midler

Stay on the television  .

.. and again  (25 yrs later)


Self-Invented   1975


Rochester, NY 1976  Busted

Rochester NY 1976 David Bowie

Iggy & Ziggy and the Stooges from Mars



Toronto Senecca College 1977
 Live China Girl

Me, My brothers Brian and Mark, Howard Schofield and, with wheels, R. Gordon Payne are in the house.
Senneca College, 1977.
Senneca College Iggy Ziggy 1977 Toronto

 " I think I helped wipe out the Sixties"  Iggy w/ Dinah 

                                                                                   Jim Osterberg


East Berlin 1976 Bowie Iggy Corrine





 A Love Affair w/ Berlin    (The landscape of Berlin)

               Did Bowie...?   Help bring down...?  

Lou: After the Wall  

Berlin Mitte  A messy business

Bowie in Berlin Update

                                                                               The Legend of David Bowie in Berlin                        
The ghosts of Iggy Pop and David Bowie still hang out at the Paris Bar in Berlin

                                      The Berlin of Bowie and Iggy Pop was always the cool Berlin.


We send our best wishes to all our friends who are on the other side of the Wall.


                                                                  Merry Christmas 1977   B & B  American Master

This is about visual power not political ideology  1976

 Victoria Station

w Glenn O'Brien 
Glenn O'Brien  Bowie

Bowie in Africa 1977

The Man Who Fell To Earth - Original Trailer 






TMWFTE Clap Board 1975



Speaking about "Gigolo," "Moon" & a bitter little song about management 1978

Just A Gigolo - Selections  (32 Elvis movies in 1)

Marlene Dietrich:  Last performance in a movie and "Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo" is not forgotten

Live in Montreal 1978

in montreal 1978 David Bowie
1978   Part One   Part Two    Part Three   Part Four

                   Boys on Everett     Boys Keep Swinging   Boys on Film

Brian Duffy 1979 1

Brian Duffy 1979 2

Lodger 1979 Bowie

David Bowie's "Lodger" album, 1979

"The cover for "Lodger" was a collaboration between David, the photographer Duffy, and myself. I loved this solution to the problem of David being photographed falling. Shooting him from above, on a specially made table built to match the falling form. The table was designed to be completely obscured by David's body (You can see the table in the 1st photograph above). The wash hand basin was laid underneath the table on the floor." 

- Derek Boshier 

If you saw this on the very last day of the 70sShe knows (1979)

Then you better watch THIS (First of the 1980s)




  David Sylvian's Haircuts



   Andy, where's my 15 minutes?                         


Eleven seconds in 1971

Andy Warhol  Live in 1972

Andy Warhol  Live in 1997

Take One... actually


Product + Personality = Brand   

Hermann Vaske's  Interview (Mid - nineties)

Susan Saradon's Interview (Mid - eighties)

Flo & Eddie Interview (Mid - seventies)


Bowie heard them here first

November 9, 2006 

This could be the last time  (Bis)


Ripples in Water


August Dorian gray, to exchange his soul for the illusion of youth in order to continue 

soullessly in the guise of another body without ever really confronting what he has lost.  FULL Bowie


 Pablo Picasso  

Did you ever see this?

In June 2004, Hamatsuki Lan was killed in a road accident while visiting Europe for the first time. He was 43 years old.

November 4, 2008

 "What a great day."  

(Nuff said)

January 8, 2013

The Next Day

 January 8, 2013

David Bowie's Where Are We Now? - first review

Neil McCormick delights in 'The most surprising, perfect and welcome comeback in rock history'.

The Surprise:  Quietus  "After a decade of artlessness Bowie is back."
                                    The new David Bowie albumThe Next Daydemonstrates and showcases the virtues of,               and reasserts the radicalism of, seemingly traditional rock music. 

Which David Bowie are YOU ?



I got Seven days to die (in the Air) 1999

Two things from the 1960s....

Giaconda Dining Rooms London 1965 Snippet  Bowie Pretty Things Isle of Wright 

  Bowie covering the Velvet Underground in 1967 Before the album came out

David Bowie in Stevenage & North Herts

In memory of John Ritchie
Sid Vicious 1973
London, 1973

A Genetic Predisposition



Cane Hill

The Poetics of decay 

Dylan Trigg et cie 


 Condos Project approval

Zane, Zane, Zane
ouvrez le chien

 David Bowie on Film Commercials

 Wake Up


Arcade Fire          

 ...Tear us apart in Montreal    

Coachella 06

Glastonbury 07

 Obama 2008 


 Godspeed You Black Emperor

"Cover" Band



Bowie McQueen


 Bowie McQueen




Bowie Visconti Tibet 2001

Tony Visconti 

NYC Carnegie Hall
Tibet House 

2002 Oddity

2003 Heathen

Tony Visconti and Holy Holy play The Man Who Sold The World at ABC, Glasgow 

 LIVE with Woody Woodmansey









Bowie and Zowie




 Lindsay Kemp



Vladivostok to Moscow 

Bowie Vladivostok to Moscow 1973


































The 'Coke Spoon' as 'Museum Piece

David Bowie IS Coke Spoon





















Mary Cigarettes in West Hollywood


Nothing Has Changed 1970s




Peter and the Wolf Bowie Philadelphia




Isolar David Bowie

 Dick Cavett 1974

Young Americans

Young Gouster Session

Sigma Sound Tapes


On Vimeo here  

BBC 1975 DOC

1978 Revisit Alan Yentob

2013 Look at Cracked

 1975 Russell Harty

Intoxicated Soul Train


Thought she was James Dean for a day


 Busted 76

I read the news today (Oh Boy)


IGGY : Chaos at the Line where Performer and Audience Blur

 Brilliant in 1977

More  than brilliant  in 2007

NO FUN in Detroit


 Iggy Pop Rock




 Raw Power


Romy Hagg Bowie Iggy

 Romy Haag

David Bowie and Rory MacLean in 1977

Rory MacLean

In Berlin 1977

Lou By the Wall  -  You were 5' 10" tall


 ...Hansa Studios

... directed by Stanley Dorfman and reworked by Peter Wachsman

...Marlene Dietrich


...Rhys Tranter’s piece on Berlin 

The Wall would have been 50  


Tony Visconti's Berlin 2014








"I have an  older  brother and  he was always a reader,  more than I was. 

He made me read       On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

It was the  most  important  thing that 

ever happened 

to me.


It was Terry 

 who really started everything  

for me."


speaking about his brother 

Terry Burns 

to George Tremlett


The D. Bowie Story

David Jones Terry Burns

The bestalbum everis David Bowie’s Low. 

Every song from LOW as a bowie book

There is old wave new wave and Bowie

 In Paris 1977 

In Dallas 1978

In Tokyo 1978

Lodger 1979

A surreal psychological thriller

The maddening brilliance of 'Lodger'

The third of his ground-breaking ‘Berlin Trilogy’

Dj Original 1979

Benassi vs Bowie 2009