Three (3) short film


A  Snow Storm in March on the street where I live

                                          A Stop Motion stroll along the street where I live 


A Blues Singer channelling Arthur Crudup & Elvis gone...

...on the street where I live

A transplanted American ponders:

The Confederate Flag in East-end Montreal

A unique and also constrained vantage point from which to interpret the political terrain that is Montreal, Quebec

(From: Woods Lot ) 

My day-to-day life in Montreal can be experienced at quite a remarkable remove from the U.S., politically, culturally, and linguistically, more than most other parts of Canada. 

While Montreal is located just 45 minutes from the Vermont/New York borders, its majority French-speaking population and its particular city culture – part European, very bohemian, and “very sexual” as several people on the street shared with me as I looked for housing -- feel nothing like the U.S., at least not the Midwestern parts of which I am most familiar. 

For those U.S. Americans who think that Canada is just an extension of U.S. culture, they clearly do not have the city of Montreal or the province of Quebec in mind.

I’m not sure that the flag means the same thing in Montreal’s east side


"After the Civil War, Varina went to Montreal, Canada with the children..".

"First Lady of the Confederacy"



A Call to Arms: 


Pierre Vallières:  ''To be a nigger in America is to be not a man but someone's slave.''

New York Times - White Niggers of America 1968
A review of ''White Niggers of America'' by Laurier LaPierre, 
in The New York Times Book Review, 
on its publication in English in 1971 referred to 
Mr. Vallieres as ''Canada's Eldridge Cleaver and Malcolm X.'' 
The reviewer found the book, in some sections, ''profound in its assessment of men and events.''
The book challenged Quebecers to take up arms and toss gasoline bombs in their campaign for independence. 
Mr. Vallieres wrote it after he was arrested in 1966 at a demonstration in front of the United Nations. 
He was held at the Tombs prison in Manhattan until January 1967, awaiting deportation to Canada on charges related to the bombing of shoe factory in Montreal in the early 60's that killed a secretary at the plant.



The emotive urgency (and surging beauty) 


AF  Neon Bible                AF   Fashion Rocks

It must be strange reading really intense reviews and reports from your shows.


Established fans may claim that the emotive urgency and surging beauty of an Arcade Fire show can never be caged in plastic. 

Their 2002 EP/demo didn't do it, serving only as a document of the band's first steps. 

But their new album Funeral, out now on Merge Records, that captures that colossal spirit and symphonic grandeur, set to flow forth at their official hometown CD launch at the Salvation Army church next weekend.

Each inspired strain of the elegiac opus Funeral cements the Arcade Fire's status as one of this city's best bands.

The album's inception can be traced back to 1999, when Houston, Texas-born singer Win Butler moved to Montreal to study scriptural interpretation at McGill.

 Before long, fate delivered him to a vernissage where Régine Chassagne was singing. 

Born in Haiti and raised in St-Lambert, Chassagne displayed multidextrous talents, from jazz to medieval music, and soon teamed up with Butler to build a band. 


The emotive urgency...  


Zilon ...gone...



The Godfather of Montreal

As chic as this city is considered by heaps of staunch defenders, we can't help but compare ourselves to our (much bigger) east-coast American metropolis counterpart, the fabulous NYC. 

But what exactly have they got that we don't?

Zilon en direct


... and surging beauty

Leonard Cohen & Lou Reed NYC 2008

"We've got these guys up in Montreal..."

...It's New York, Right? in 2008 gone...


Between waves of applause and hollers in French and English, he added, 

“I am so grateful to be here and to be from here.”


Lava Gurl   Godspeed You! Black Emperor  Universal City - 03

"This city is very important to me." Mirror gone...

("It keeps me alive")  - Rufus Wainwright


New York en français


I booked a flight on September 11, it was very freaky. 


Anyway, then I went over to Sean Lennon’s house, John Lennon’s old house, the Dakota, and Yoko was there and I was actually with Lorca Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s daughter. 


So Yoko said, “We should get out of town,” and I was, like, “Okay,” so we got in the car with Lorca, Sean and Sean’s girlfriend Bijou Philips, whose father is John Philips from Mamas and the Papas. 


Yoko ended up driving all the kids of rock stars to her farm in upstate New York, and we stayed there for two weeks and acted like four-year-olds!



Hubert Aquin (Gordon wrote... )


We issue from both Hollywood and St.-Germain-des-Prés... 
For more than 40 years, Quebec politicians have searched for the magic formula 
to allow them to counterbalance federal powers...