On the Road  


The Original Scroll 






'Visions of Cody' 


Kerouac-Millstein   PDF doc






Gregory Corso:

"Now, who did I meet right away with the richness is Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Kerouac, all those fuckers."


The Last Beat 

Chelsea Hotel # 2


...on the rocks



















Is this what's going to happen to you?  


Adventures in 'pictures'  with...

William Burroughs and ...



Neal Cassady

Carolyn & Family
















Saint Genet

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                                                                                                         Syd AT almost Sixty               Ali AT 60

ANDY:  Where's my 15 minutes ?




 Glimmer Twins  33 Years of...  Robert Frank

 Robert Frank Blues 1972



                                                                                                              Cab Googled                        Martin Googled





1959 Radio Archive – Beat Generation 

Pull My Daisy 

- Robert Frank 


Jack and the Brakeman's lamp

1967 Le sel de la semaine Jack Kerouac































Gregory & Huncke on film 





I remember you well in the ChelseaHotel

you were famous, your heart was a legend.

You told me again you preferred handsome men

but for me you would make an exception. 

Leonard Cohen 


 Hall of Fame in 2008


“A doll’s house in the Twilight Zone”Patti Smith

  Leaving the Chelsea Hotel Jonas Mekas 

William S. Burroughs shares a meal w/ Andy Warhol

Stanley at (...and do you remember the 'Y' )

Anton Perich:  Night at Hotel Chelsea

Contextualize the filmsof Burroughs, Balch, and Gysin

  Bowie & Warhol     Bowie & Burroughs          

  Warhol's direct link to the Beat Generation:

 The Couch  














Corso Avenue in North Beach, SF

GC on JK and Roma

 GC with Mekas (near the end)





A History of HOWL






Patti Smith

doing Ginsberg

in a Church 


Montréal-Oct 2007

PS  & WSB Part 1   2 

HOWL was the trigger 

Opera Glasses and Popcorn 

The little City Lights Book 


























Joyce Johnson:  Kerouac became a star 

San Francisco 2006


                Here is One Fast Move or I'm Gone

                   The Music  The Documentary

Collected films on the Web


 Hallucinogène, poétique et jazzée

Victor-Levy Beaulieu 

"Jack Kerouac: A Chicken-essay" 



  In related news (Redux )

Keith Richards , whom  Depp  has cited as one of his original inspirations for the character, appears in a cameo as Jack's grizzled father

Capt. Teague, provoking inevitable fantasies of a sequel in which Jack snorts his dad's ashesafter the old pirate falls out of a coconut tree.

The Strange Odyssey of Alfred Chester



St. Marks Bar & Grill



      JG Ballard on Aldous Huxley


Kenneth Tynan on Greta Garbo     




Benjamin Smoke


The Last Beat?


As Opal Foxx


As Ian Curtis if he lived to die


At 10 o'clock in the F****n' mornin'


w/ Patti Smith




One article   Two articles

The Greatest Doc in life


Home w/ Bill 
(And where WSB lived when he lived in NYC)

J. K.'s Original Home

Jeck Kerouac Lowell Birthplace

Jack by Bill Tangier 1957

William S. Burroughs phot of Jack Kerouac 1957

 James Grauerholz of Lawrence

“Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know.” 

...or photograph

or videographe

THE papers


LA RB short



Notes on  Burroughs  & Wyndham Lewis (1964)       Film  the caustic grotesqueries of Wyndham Lewis  100

By Marshall McLuhanUofT 


Malcolm McNeill  

Victor Bockris

Kathy Acker 

Malcolm McLaren :

"The author of Naked Lunch - artist, film-maker, writer, junkie and provocateur - has long been a hero to me."