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I should not dare + Manafon Variations =  Died in the Wool


  Small_Metal_Gods  from  Manafon  in Wales  


 "Manafon is a brave, disconcerting and terrible document."

Opinions & Reviews 

"If we want to look for early references for ‘Manafon’  

...we could possibly start with the track Ghosts’." 

- David Sylvian 2009

Ghosts_ Sarah Nixey




 Ghosts_ 2007_Berlin   

    1999 David Sylvian                                                       David Sylvian 1993                                 
David Sylvian 2004




 Ghosts_ 1995_Italy  


                                                                                 w/ Sakamoto  1983    2005              MCML LIVE    Sakamoto & Bowie



Ghosts_Original Studio 








Ghosts_Old Grey Whistle Test 1982



 Japan David Sylvian Quiet Life                                                                                                

Blemish on the BBC:  A Review & 100 Incredible Comments  Comments... GONE

Blemish Remixes “The Good Son Vs The Only Daughter”  


Ghosts_TuxedoVersion (Rough w/ 'End of Japan')

A Forest in the Fire Tour:  THE FULL CONCERT PLAY ALL VIDEOS Live IN Tokyo  April 24, 2004

                                                                                                                                    Live in Tokyo ALL Together              Japan__Documentary     Japan_Gentleman    Japan - Don't Rain On My Parade   Last Concert (in Japan)

David_Sylvians_Haircuts  Original Woebot  The ghosts of our lives - Ein Kleine Nachtmusik Mark Fisher

I DID IT MY WAY    CreativeTrophies    I fall outside of her – She doesn’t notice      Q & A Jason Cowley

 Japan_DS_Tribute_Earth_Wind_and_Fire         1988 Live                   

Like some cat from Japan ... Crashing with Sylvian

Jason Cowley 2005 

Simon 'The View from Here 2012

* * *

                                                   The Elvis of the 70s

                                                                                                                                                                   Nightporter           Il portiere di notte

Modesto Muñiz   Nightporter      


 ANDY:  Where's my 15 minutes ?

 Late Night Shopping Live


                                  Ryuichi Sakamoto

                David Batt (and in colour)

David Sylvian    Wonderful version Digiskai  Taylor Deupree Samadhi Sound

               HERE There goes one baby's life

        "Writing ' Ghosts' was a turning point for me," Sylvian recalls in 2003.


Nine Horses   "Atom And Cell"  by Shoko Ise

"The Librarian" (was live in Conegliano)

Attempt at "The Librarian" /1
The Librarian/2

The Real Real Thing The Librarian /3

Burnt Friedman and Nu Dub Players

"Pop Song"

"Waterfront"      Maria \Wasn't I Joe Took the children and the chequebook

A strange but absorbing experience 

It's music - but not as we know it

WOW! Pre-Blemish Part 1 & Part 2 

Marcus Boon Site and a Conversation

David Sylvian    

Goldsmiths, University of London, students painted this:  #GhostsofMyLife in WIRE and, then, in Mark Fisher's Book, plus a David Stubbs piece in The Quietus with Mark and Agata Pyzik.  AND this excerpt....

Mark Fisher Goldsmiths, University of London