Acadian 165th Battalion      

Cheticamp Point, Inverness Co.,  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

   World War 1   1914 - 1918

Lubin Bisson 1893







The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton   

See the West Coast version:  Big Sur & Hwy 1




On the first day, God created Cape Breton...

On the second day, He threw rocks at it.  New York Times



 Le Conseil des Arts de Chéticamp   lives  




           The First Baby to be baptised in this church in 1893...went to war on the 26th day of April 1916...


... and his youngest son died in October, the year before last, 115 years later.

                             Houses in Chéticamp Nouvelle Ecosse Cape Breton Island       

"Joe's Scarecrows"  Attractions



Cap-Breton, Nouvelle-Écosse


The Jersey Church        

      Cheticamp Cultural Centre     

    Glace Bay to Hollywood 

... check out the movies (1948/1984/1994)