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watch clean house episodes
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  • House, also known as House M.D., is an American medical drama series that premiered on Fox on November 16, 2004. The show was created by David Shore. The show follows Dr.
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • a small portable timepiece
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
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watch clean house episodes - The House
The House That Hugh Laurie Built: An Unauthorized Biography and Episode Guide
The House That Hugh Laurie Built: An Unauthorized Biography and Episode Guide
Golden Globe award?winning actor Hugh Laurie and his critically acclaimed television show House are at the heart of this compelling biography. From his childhood struggles to live up to his Olympian father’s accomplishments and his Cambridge education to his comedic career with Emma Thompson and personal struggle with depression, Laurie’s past and present are revealed in illuminating detail. Not just a biography, this is a one-stop shop for all things House that features full episode guides and analyses, actor biographies, interviews with Canadian creator and executive producer David Shore, production bloopers, and medical mistakes that only a sleuth like Dr. House could expose.

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I didn't know that the Community Service Officer that accosted my wife at the SuperStore that night was having an extramarital affair with the Sergeant in Charge there that night. I had no idea that she was a practicing Wiccan who considered herself to be a witch. And she practiced a 'dark brand' of wicca. It would be days before I heard about any of that. I didn't know that the Sergeant in Charge at the scene of my wife's arrest... the one having the affair with the CSO... had just lost his wife to cancer only a few days before. She also worked for the police department. She was a Community Service Officer too. There was no way that I could have known that night that the people who arrested my wife for 'child endangerment' and tried to have our child taken away from us were in such pain and unethical turmoil in their own personal lives. I'm pretty sure that a lot of that came into play there that night in that parking lot where my family was busted up for little or no reason. Maybe my wife smarted off to the CSO... maybe things didn't go down exactly the way that she said they did... maybe the Sergeant in Charge hadda be the hero for his pissed off CSO mistress. I didn't know about all of those things that night, but I knew 'something' was wrong with how the whole situation played itself out. What happened right in front of me was so wrong. And it was done to my family by people who wore badges and carried guns and were given the authority to use lethal force by the state. The whole episode had such a 'third world' feel to it. It was like, without knowing it, my family just walked into a 'domestic' between a couple of 'cops.' I had no idea then that the officer who'd actually put the cuffs on my wife and arrested her was healthy enough to throw the cuffs on criminals on the street... but he claimed a disability so severe that he had to work a desk job in Chicago at the same time. It always blew my mind when I thought about it later... My wife was arrested for 'child endangerment' when she took my children up to the SuperStore to do a good deed by two 'cops' having an extramarital affair with each other, one who was a practicing 'witch' and one who looked like he was guilty of fraudulently claiming disability... in a town where every kid went to bed after drinkin' a glass of poisoned water because that's what the mayor ordered. Oh and my other two young daughters were abandoned at the scene by the cops. How messed up is that? It was like peeling the layers of an onion in that town... beneath every layer were these sordid secrets that only added to the irony of what happened to my family that night. These people didn't care about children... they poisoned them. The 'juvenile officer' in that town had molested young boys and they had to settle the lawsuit that came of it for some big dough. And he was 'made' the juvenile officer after his penchant for young boys became known! 'What a dirty place my family'd stumbled into' I thought. My biggest fear the night that the whole thing happened was that the video surveillance tapes from the SuperStore that would show how my family had been abused by the cops would just 'disappear.' I noticed that night that there were cameras everywhere... the cops should have noticed them too since they had blue flashing lights on top of each one. But the cops just didn't care. I don't know if they were just dumb or if they'd just never had anyone go up against 'em like I was about to... But they just didn't seem to care that the whole incident was caught on tape from so many different angles. The Community Service Officer... who's not really a police officer... commited another felony that night right in front of those video cameras when she pulled my brother over and she impersonated a police officer and asked him for his identification. Identification that they knew that they needed to start plugging up the holes in their story. Man... there were a lot of holes in their 'story' too. When they arrested my wife and threw her in the back of that police car, the police just abandoned my other two daughters, seven and eight years old, to luck in that parking lot. That was pretty much the most 'danger' any child would find themselves in that night. Those poor kids. They were just left alone and terrified there by the cops. During the confrontation, as they watched their stepmother being handcuffed they started to cry and they backed away from the scene unnoticed and they hid in the Christmas trees that were for sale in front of the store. I'd see that on the video months later when my wife's attorney showed it to us. I was so pissed off. They just abandoned my little girls there. Completely left them to their own luck. That video I saw would also show that the Chief of Police would actually lie to the media about how long my wife was away from the car before her trial. The day after the arrest I went to the SuperStore myself to talk with th
Clean house....but junkie room. I look a little buzzed in this photo....probably was. goes 1. I'm a Feminist! I hate weakness (even more when I am). I think I maybe a bit warped in my thinking. GOD gave us a brain for a reason. Hence my obsession with all things "DIVA!" 2. I don't want all. Never had a desire, urge, thought....NOTHING! I don't feel bad about it and get annoyed that some people feel I should. I do love on the nieces and I love the joy that children bring to people I care about but for me, thanks..I'm good. 3. I'm superstitious....I know...weirdo. 4. I live in sin. I'm not proud of it and I'm working to correct the situation. I honestly feel that as long as I am living in this state...bad things will happen to me. 5. I lost my mother at a young age and I hate people that mistreat or bitch about their moms. 6. I hate working in radio. It's a dream job for a lot of people but was never something I aspired to do. I stumbled into it and people took to me. I don't know how or why, but God has me here for a reason. I hate this industry and what it does to people and how it affects people. It's evil and unhealthy. I hate it. 7. I got my drivers license at 24. I dork. Can you believe that when my mom tried to teach me...I told her, NO WORRIES...I'LL HAVE SERVANTS FOR THAT. *yeah...some imagination* 8. I love myself but struggle with my weight and self image. I beat myself up for not being perfect...even though I know that no one is. 9. I play the flute. Was a music major in college and wanted to be a Jazz Instrumentalist until I discovered...STAGE FRIGHT! So, I tried to teach and hated it. Worked with a record company that disbanded then on to radio. 10. I am a VERIZON/LG junkie/snob! Screw the iPhone! What good is the phone if the service sucks? 11. I am 9K away from owning my very first car that I purchased with my own money. HONDA ELEMENT! It's gangsta. Everyone says...It's totally me and I agree. It's the best investment I ever made. 12. I LOVE DATING!! I don't do well in long term relationships...I bore easily. Yet...I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years...and I haven't cheated. YAE ME! *see #4* 13. I was born on the cusps... Gemini/Cancer ...i know...I'm special 14. I will be 40 in 6 months and I still feel like I'm 19...and stuck in the 80's. I love the 80's! I've been dieting to get the 19 year old body back. (It's kickin' my ass) 15. I am a HUGE ATLANTA FALCONS fan. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, I've loved them since Steve Bartkowski. Football Rules! (such a non-girl thing to say) 16. I'm also a girlie girl....addicted to weave, lashes, make-up, purses, fashion...the works. 17. My mother was a "Southern Belle"...wide brimmed hats, heels, clutch purses, gloves and all. She expressed how important it was to be "lady-like!" I rebelled by becoming a Dog-Chain, Converse All-Stars wearing, Souixie & The Banshees singing, Mohawk Man dating... Punk Rocker. Weirdo Factor? I never tried drugs...I just looked the part. (It was the 80's, already) 18. I'm addicted to OVATION, BRAVO, USA, OXYGEN and the DIY/HGTV/FNL networks. I hate Lifetime!! Women are always victims on that channel. No one is ever kickin' ass. 19. I own every episode of Sex & The City and Charmed....and I still watch re-runs on TNT/TBS. They are my favorite. 20. I have never, nor do I care to see The Color Purple. You don't know how bad my friends get on me about this's just not my thing. Not interested. I'm more of a ROMANTIC COMEDY / ACTION COMEDY kind of girl. I LOATHE TEAR JERKERS! NO APOLOGIES!! It's just me. There's more but I went too deep for that. (smile) DONE!! Okay...that's it.

watch clean house episodes
watch clean house episodes
House, M.D.
Play as Dr. House and the skilled staff at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, as you race to unravel medical mysteries. Based on the popular TV show, fans and casual gamers alike can now experience what it is like to conduct patient care while successfully solving five unique cases. Every piece of evidence reveals part of the solution, so careful observation and analysis is key. Track down the correct diagnosis by interviewing and examining patients doing lab tests, surgery and more. The clock is ticking, but be prepared for multiple twists and turns before you solve the case?

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