How To Clean Salt Water Pool

how to clean salt water pool
    salt water
  • The water of the ocean, distinguished from fresh water by its appreciable salinity.
  • The general term for all water over 1,000 ppm (mg/L) total dissolved solids.
  • Water with an average tidal cycle chloride concentration of 18,700 mg/l or greater (corresponding to a salinity greater than 34 parts per thousand).
    how to
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  • Providing detailed and practical advice
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how to clean salt water pool - Goldline T-CELL-15
Goldline T-CELL-15 Chlorinator for 40,000-Gallon Pool with 15-Foot Cable
Goldline T-CELL-15 Chlorinator for 40,000-Gallon Pool with 15-Foot Cable
Product Description; Turbo CellA® Right-sized salt chlorination Goldline Controls now offers a new line of Turbo Cells for their salt chlorination and controls solutions. The cells come in three sizes a?" 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The new sizes enable you to right-size your pool for the most-efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible. These cells are based on the proven Turbo Cell technology that made Goldline Controls the leader in salt chlorination. They automatically generate a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine a?" for water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Turbo Cell 40k gallons (Cell Only-No Unions) 15' Cable. 3 yr. Manufacturers Warranty

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IMG 8700 - Natural Aquafer in Cave along road...
IMG 8700 - Natural Aquafer in Cave along road...
We were driving down the road with the river on our right... as we came around a turn, there was a large cave on the left... with a stream coming out of it. Curious, I pulled over, walked back... and to my surprise, I was able to see water bubbling from the ground, feeding the stream, which went under the road to dump into the river. It was magical looking... peaceful sounding... and despite the desert rock terrain sounding it, greenry surrounded the stream. Very beautiful... just out side Odgen, Utah. Seems this 'cave' and stream were originally found (and reported) in the 1800's by Brigham Young (founder of the Mormon's), and the water made the community sick for many years... before they figured out the clear crisp clean (looking) water had some bugs in it. I couldn't find any information about how many (or if) anyone died... but it serves as a reminder that not all mountain streams are safe to drink from without first boiling the water & filtering it. I can see how backpackers, hikers, and the early settlers would be tempted to drink & bath in this pool. © 2010, Terry Mercer - If there are any photos you're interested in, please let me know.
Dave getting his eyes flushed out!
Dave getting his eyes flushed out!
This is my husband Dave....he was cleaning the pool (we have a salt water pool but the sensor broke). So he had to use Chlorine, which he had never used this brand before! The bag of chlorine literally blew up like a bomb....i thought he was lighting firecrackers or something in the backyard! It blew up in his face and was blind for almost 2 weeks....poor guy! he is better now but it was very frightening. we just take things for granted that they will be safe! Needless to say the sensor will be getting fixed so we can resume the salt water treatments!

how to clean salt water pool
how to clean salt water pool
Intex Deluxe Saltwater System
This applied energy current changes the salt dissolved in the water into liquid chlorine - hypochlorite. The liquid chlorine immediately mixes with the water leaving the chlorinator cell and flows into the swimming pool as clean, chlorinated water. The continuous introduction of liquid chlorine will ensure the continuous sanitization of the pool's water and will not allow the growth of algae. When the liquid chlorine has destroyed the bacteria in the pool, it reverts to salt. This means that the salt is continually regenerated in the process and the only loss of salt is due to backwashing, splash-out and overflow. It may be necessary to add salt to the pool water to bring the concentration back to the desired level of 3,000 parts per million. This form of chlorination will not damage your pool. Chlorine "tablets" or "powder" can damage the pool liner while saline conversion will not. Also, the mildly salted water will not affect the PVC plumbing, filters or pump. Saline chlorination is easier and safer. You will not need to buy or store any dangerous chemicals as you would for a pool.

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