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Cleaning Mortar Off Bricks

cleaning mortar off bricks
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cleaning mortar off bricks - BIA Cordon
BIA Cordon Bleu 8-Ounce Mortar and Pestle Set, White
BIA Cordon Bleu 8-Ounce Mortar and Pestle Set, White
The simplest and best way to crush and grind herbs and spices. The ceramic is ttotally sealed so that it will not absorbs flavours or stain, and has a textured surface on the interior of the mortar and the base of the pestle for better crushing and grinding. The mortar has a pouring lip and a contoured bowl and base for ease of handling. Vitrified and non-porous, it will not crack, discolour or take on unwanted flavours.

A mortar and pestle crush and grind herbs, nuts, and spices in a very satisfying, down-to-earth way. Both pieces are made of heavy, durable porcelain that is vitrified and nonporous so as not to absorb odors, stain, or crack. The smooth white glaze covers all but the lower interior of the bowl and the lower third of the pestle, where a textured surface takes over and aids in the grinding process. Contoured for a sure grip, the bowl holds approximately one cup, measures 4-1/2 inches in diameter, and features a pouring lip. The mortar and pestle are dishwasher-safe, and the mortar may be used in the microwave, oven, and freezer if necessary. --Ann Bieri

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Mr Lantern (Pack Rp. Open to all)
Mr Lantern (Pack Rp. Open to all)
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Empty Arches
Empty Arches
A historic Vicksburg property, hallowed school grounds to thousands, has been sold. Its new owner plans to renovate the 83-year-old former Carr Central, an eyesore along Cherry Street for decades, back to its glory days. “I pass by the building just about every day, and it's sad to see - it's an eyesore,” said Warren County builder and remodeling contractor Webber Brewer, who purchased the property Tuesday from Vicksburg resident Robert Rosenthal. For years, Brewer has wanted to buy the property that opened as Carr School in 1924. It closed its doors in 1979 and has remained vacant since. Rosenthal, who has owned the property since 1999, was happy to sell Brewer the building, “because he knew I was going to restore it,” he said. “I am going to work and restore it to make it a viable piece of property in Vicksburg,” Brewer said. While he wants to clean up the property before announcing his plans, Brewer knows what he won't do with the building and the five acres of land that loom over Cherry. “It won't be any low-cost apartments,” he said. “Whatever I'm thinking about doing will be very nice for downtown Vicksburg.” Rosenthal purchased the old school from the city for $55,000 with plans to convert it into an assisted living facility for the elderly. The city owned the building for 20 years before selling it to Rosenthal under the condition that he meet deadlines for financing the project and beginning construction. Deadlines passed, but the city didn't want the building back. The building has shattered windows and a dilapidated interior. And its yard, home to a centuries-old live oak tree, is covered in debris and overgrown grass. Brewer, who wouldn't say how much he paid for the property, doesn't plan to let any of that grass grow under his feet, he said. In fact, he was already off to get permits to clean the grounds and start work on the roof about 24 hours after buying the property. His son, David Brewer of DAB Realty, will act as developer on the project, while he will oversee construction, he added. “I hope to get started immediately,” he said. “I'm 63 - I don't have a lot of time to waste.” He expects the project to take about two years, and one way he plans on speeding it up is to pay for it out of private funds. “It's going to be a personal deal,” he said. “I'm not looking for grants. All that does is put limitations on your project.” For years, Rosenthal applied for tax credits from the Mississippi Home Corporation, but was turned down every time for funding, and no work was done. Mayor Laurence Leyens said he is happy the property is in Brewer's hands. “We are thrilled about this,” he said. “It's the last of the big properties I wanted dealt with, and I feel confident that Webber will carry it out with an outstanding outcome.” Brewer, who said he will work closely with the Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation, hopes to get to work immediately and will rely heavily on the support of the city. “I'm pretty sure the city's going to work with us. I hope that they will,” he said. “We hope to get all the people who went to school here interested” also. Brewer, a graduate of Culkin High School, knows what the old Carr Central means to its graduates, former students and the community, many of whom pass by it daily. The building served all grades at various times, but most often is remembered as the city's main high school. Keeping the name that is etched in mortar above the large staircase is a must for the developer. “Who would ever try to change the name of this building? That's the whole purpose of my doing this,” he said. “I want to go back and take this property and make it what it should be.” For Ethel Lagrone Pickens, a 1953 graduate of Carr Central High School, the building's hallways and classrooms live on in her memory. “It was a fabulous contribution to this world that we lived in. When it was a high school, Vicksburg was a very close community,” she said. “It was the center of our world and gave us so much. I know you can't put a human element into brick and stone, but it meant so much to us - it's like a part of us.” In 2004, Pickens organized an all-class reunion for her alma mater, which brought more than 700 graduates and classmates from classes 1933 through 1959 back home to Vicksburg. The following year, former students raised the funds to have a historical mural painted along the city's floodwall. The mural was unveiled in 2006 at the second annual reunion, where fellow schoolmates also cleaned the grounds of their old school and placed a bench from the schoolyard in front of the mural. Carr Central “really meant a lot to a lot of people,” Pickens said. The Carr building, named for Vicksburg superintendent J.P. Carr, was declared a protected state historical property in 1994, which means it can't be demolished without state approval, and any changes to the structure have to be approved by the Department of Archives and History. Brewer and his wife, Carol

cleaning mortar off bricks
cleaning mortar off bricks
HIC Porcelain Set of 3 Mortar and Pestle White
Mortars and pestles have been around for thousands of years ? long before kitchens existed they were already a classic utensil ? they do the job of crushing, grinding and powdering herbs, grains, spices, nuts, roots, teas ? all kinds of healthy eats. This style of grinding releases flavor best in seeds, herbs, spices and garlic. Mortars and pestles are handy for crushing pills and supplements, too. This set of 3 mortars and pestles have contoured bottoms & pestle head to hold the grindables in place. Porcelain is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and won't absorb food odors or stain.

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