Cleaning A New House - Clean Bathroom Shower

Cleaning A New House

cleaning a new house
    new house
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  • New House, or "Newhouse" is a hamlet in County Durham, in England. It is situated on the north side of the River Wear, opposite Ireshopeburn and is linked to the main Weardale valley road by Coronation Bridge.
  • (471-476 Memorial Drive) is a series of six joined five-story buildings arranged in a zig-zag fashion, each (like East Campus's sections) named after alumni.
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New House
New House
It has a high ceiling, with linen white curtains, with little black design. This room has very high ceilings. Any suggestions.. We have no new furniture to put in this front room. I'd like a sofa bed to go in the, perhaps a nice clean dark brown.
New house Lounge (after)
New house Lounge (after)
Our new house after a redec and new carpets,only one week after we moved in! Looking fresh modern and clean!

cleaning a new house
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