Kitchenaid Fridge Water Filter. How Long Can Cooked Steak Stay In The Fridge

Kitchenaid Fridge Water Filter

kitchenaid fridge water filter
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  • KitchenAid is a home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. The company was started in 1919 by The Hobart Corporation to give restaurants a countertop alternative to their industrial sized mixers. The first model weighed 69 lbs. Each unit is still assembled by hand in Greenville, Ohio.
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kitchenaid fridge water filter - Water Sentinel
Water Sentinel WSW-1 Replacement Fridge Filter, 2 Pack
Water Sentinel WSW-1 Replacement Fridge Filter, 2 Pack
This replacement 4396508 water filter replaces these filter part numbers: 4396508P, 4392857, 4392857R 4396918, 4396562, 4396563 2200203, 2203220, 2203980 2305766, 2305767, 2305768 2255518, 2186444 PWF-NL240V, PNL240V WF-NL240V, WFNL240V, NL240V WF-NL240, WFNL240, NL240 WF-NL300, WFNL300, NL300 PWF-L400V, PL400V WF-L400V, WFL400V, L400V WF-L400, WFL400, L400 WF-L500, WFL500, L500 WF-300BR (filter system that uses 4396508) as well as Sears and Kenmore part numbers 46-9902, 469902, 9902, 9902P, 04609902000 46-9908, 469908, 9908, 9908P, 04609908000 and KitchenAid part numbers: 4396547, 4396163, 4396509, 4396509P These filters are proudly MADE IN THE USA and are in stock for IMMEDIATE delivery! These filters were designed and engineered by Water Treatment professionals who understand water filtration products and who designed and created many of the filters you see in the market today. Please see our feedback rating and review our customers' comments. The compatible replacement filter is designed to give you similar or better performance than the original version it replaces. The materials used are of the highest quality. The internal filtration element used is one that is designed to provide the longest life as well as the highest amount of simple dirt holding capacity available. Additionally the manufacturer has tested this unit to ANSI/NSF standards 42/53 for performance. This filter will provide hundreds of gallons of great tasting, crystal clear water!

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Frigidaire Professional Series Fridge
Frigidaire Professional Series Fridge
I love this fridge because it doesn't fingerprint. None of the new appliances do. It has a feature for extra ice that makes extra ice for party twice as fast as regular. To me the best feature is the easy pop-in charcoal filter for the water/ice system. Change it every six months.
Picture 011
Picture 011
The kitchenaid fridge with most of the 10-year warranty still unused. Ice and water in door. New filter.

kitchenaid fridge water filter