Commercial Refrigeration Units

commercial refrigeration units
    refrigeration units
  • Vapor-compression refrigeration is one of the many refrigeration cycles available for use. It has been and is the most widely used method for air-conditioning of large public buildings, offices, private residences, hotels, hospitals, theaters, restaurants and automobiles.
  • (Refrigeration Unit) Lowers the temperature through a mechanical process. By definition, refrigerators, freezers, and air-conditioning equipment all contain refrigeration units.
  • Having profit, rather than artistic or other value, as a primary aim
  • Concerned with or engaged in commerce
  • a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
  • The typographic character @, called the at sign or at symbol, is an abbreviation of the word at or the phrase at the rate of in accounting and commercial invoices (e.g. "7 widgets @ $2 = $14"). Its most common modern use is in e-mail addresses, where it stands for "located at".
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commercial refrigeration units - Audel Air
Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial (Audel Technical Trades Series)
Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial (Audel Technical Trades Series)
This guide will keep you cool

Like its earlier editions, this fully updated guidebook is packed with practical information on installing, servicing, maintaining, and trouble-shooting air-conditioning systems. Whether you're an AC professional, an independent repair technician, or a cost-conscious homeowner, everything you need is here. Clearly organized and loaded with diagrams and illustrations, it's a vital addition to your toolbox.
* Find concise, accurate information on installing and maintaining both residential and commercial systems
* Understand the physics of air conditioning and filtration
* Make accurate temperature measurements using various methods and devices
* Work with room air conditioners, water cooling systems, and auto air conditioning
* Learn about refrigerants, compressors, condensers, evaporators, and AC motors
* Service, troubleshoot, and repair both old and new AC units

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International 4300 series Navistar DuraStar truck
International 4300 series Navistar DuraStar truck
We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route drivers from across the country. Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers! Remember your hand truck every time, all the time! Cross contamination is always a concern for food service companies; the HTS prevents cross contamination! Contaminated truck body floors, damaged containers and hand truck tires can transfer harmful chemicals and bacteria, thereby contaminating the next customer location, restaurant, school or physician's office. Hand trucks travel across filthy sidewalks, through mud puddles, leaking dumpsters, dirty cooler floors, public rest rooms and oily loading dock areas. Cross contamination of bacteria, chemicals and dirt onto food products and sanitary medical supplies can be reduced when transporting hand trucks out and away from cargo. The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System reduces hand truck tires and load plate surface contact from transferring contaminates to customer locations and products. Any reduction in bacteria contamination protects public health and reduces corporate risk! Never waste fuel, route time or labor costs to retrieve hand trucks! The HTS Ultra-Rack automatically informs the driver when their hand truck is not loaded properly and safely aboard! You can find our HTS Ultra-Rack products on all types of delivery trucks throughout the Northeast, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, California and Northwest to Fairbanks, Alaska. After three years on the road, 5-6 days per week and thousands of cycles later, our first installation units still look and operate like new! The HTS Ultra-Rack® is built tough and made to last! The innovative Hand Truck Sentry System® hand truck safety rack attaches to most route delivery vehicles and safely transports your hand trucks with more efficiency than ever before, with faster and easier access! It's practically effortless access! The HTS Ultra-Rack saves a route driver a minute or more per delivery stop, that's about 2.5 hours per week! It simple; save a minute per stop X 30 stops per day = 600 mins. per month or 120 hours per year X $10 per hour = $1,200 dollars in annual savings! For one delivery vehicle over a 4 year time period = $4,800 dollars in labor + $400 in fuel savings + $300 in hand truck replacements = $5,500 dollars! Include additional payload cargo area, less freight claims damage, less driver injuries, reduced DOT fines, reduced liability and insurance costs = $2,000 every 4 years! Add it up, $5,500 dollars + $2,000 = $7,500 dollars per delivery vehicle over a 4 year time period! Save approximately $1,875 dollars every year, per delivery vehicle! Prevent a workmen's compensation injury claim or an expensive liability lawsuit and well... you get the point! The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Safety Rack was actually custom designed by you and customized for your specific route delivery operations! Many of the HTS Ultra-Rack design requirements came from hundreds of comments and suggestions from company owners, fleet managers, maintenance supervisors, route drivers and fleet mechanics. We care about what you think of our HTS Ultra-Racks and new product innovations. Why do we care? Because nobody knows your delivery business, route operations and equipment better than you! You told us what the HTS Ultra-Rack needed to do and that you expected quality and performance.We selected from only the top rated automotive latch and automotive electrical component suppliers. We build our HTS units from high quality and proven truck parts. An innovative technology and ergonomic process that allows your route drivers to work smart, not hard; saving you money every business day!
Xaxulax - Snakes Crossing
Xaxulax - Snakes Crossing
Appparently rattlesnakes are an endangered species. It seems they get run over a lot. The Osoyoos Indian Band runs a rescue and relocation program. And never mind the crazy old dude in the picture - the real story is this. One day I get a call from the band office saying one of their commercial chillers is down - these are big walk-in refrigeration units typically found in restaurants and the like. So I dispatch SuperDave - intrepid refrigeration mechanic - out to fix it. Not much later, he calls in to report that there are snakes in the frig. What? I asked. THERE ARE SNAKES IN THE FRIG!!! he responded. WHAT!?!? I ask again. A formal inquiry revealed that, when they find injured snakes they keep them in the chiller for awhile to induce a state of hibernation and give them a chance to heal.Okay, I thought, thats perfectly reasonable. Relax, I told Dave, they're just chillin heh heh heh. And Dave sez, That may well be the case when the frig is working, BUT IT AIN'T !!!! Mhmn, good point, I had to admit. But, because I am Ruthless and UnRepentant I referenced the eagle and snake tattoo he proudly sports and suggested he man up, get in there and save some poor hurt snakes today. So he did. I don't why guys who are six foot five and ride Harleys should be susceptable to this sort of tactic but they are, so I use it, okay? This cost me more than a few beers at the end of the day, but you'll be cheered to know the snakes are fine and aside from a few unhappy dreams, Daves okay too. And thats my best Snakes in a Frig story ever. P.S. Sorry I don't have any pictures of snakes for ya. I've never seen one myself and oddly enough, I'm okay with that.

commercial refrigeration units
commercial refrigeration units
Commercial Refrigerator, 1 Door, 22.3 Cu. Ft. S/S Front
Properly refrigerate food products efficiently and stylishly with this Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator. A stainless steel door and anadized aluminum sides with polyurethane foam insulation the Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator has one door and an area of 22.3 cubic feet. The Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator has 3 heavy duty epoxy shelves that are mounted on stainless steel pilasters and die cast legs with stainless steel feet for stability. With the Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator a ducted air distribution system achieves a uniform box temperature even when full and an electronic control that senses cabinet air temperature then adjusts the refrigeration system to maintain desired temperature. The doors on this Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator have flush mounted handles to save space and have all metal tension spring closure door hinges that will stay open at 105 degrees or automatically close 75 degrees. The Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator 1 Door 22.3 Cubic Feet S/S Front has a high efficiency refrigeration system and TempGuard?s Evercheck monitors everything from temperatures to voltage levels. With a large capacity and easy maintenance the Hoshizaki RH1-AAC Commercial Refrigerator ideal for all commercial applications from hotel to restaurants.