Bisque Counter Depth Refrigerator

bisque counter depth refrigerator
  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.
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bisque counter depth refrigerator - JCD2290HEQ -
JCD2290HEQ - Jenn-Air Appliance JCD2290HEQ Bisque Refrigerator - 10030
JCD2290HEQ - Jenn-Air Appliance JCD2290HEQ Bisque Refrigerator - 10030
Product name Jenn-Air Appliance JCD2290HEQ Bisque Refrigerator Product DescriptionWhen it's time to replace your old refrigerator, consider the Jenn-Air Appliance JCD2290HEQ Bisque Refrigerator from P.C. Richard & Son. This 22.0 cubic ft. capacity, counter depth, side-by-side refrigerator features an electronic ice/water dispenser and Twin Fresh Climate Control. This bisque refrigerator is Energy Star approved, and offers an adaptive defrost function that helps protect food and saves energy by defrosting only when needed. Its cabinet depth design aligns with cabinets for a smooth, customized look. Pick up a new Jenn Air Appliance Bisque Refrigerator at a guaranteed low price today at P.C. Richard & Son, the Appliance, Electronics, and Computer Giant!Refrigerator TypeSide by SideTotal Capacity22.0 Cubic Feet Total CapacityFresh Food Capacity13.5 Cubic Feet Fresh Food CapacityFreezer Capacity8.1 Cubic Feet Frozen Food CapacityDefrost TypeFrost FreeColorBisqueDispenserIce and Water Dispenser with FilterType of Water Filtration PuriClean II Interior Shelf TypeSpill Proof Split ShelvesDeep Door StorageAdjustable Door ShelvingCrisper Drawer Type2 Humidity Controlled CrispersMeat Storage BinTemperature Controlled Meat DrawerIce MakerFactory Installed Ice Maker with FilterBottle KeepersTall Bottle KeepersFreezer Shelves2 Wire Freezer ShelvesFreezer Storage Baskets3 Freezer Slide-Out Storage BasketsFreezer Door Shelves4 Freezer Door BinsEnergy Star CompliantMeets Energy Star RequirementsDimensions35.6(w) X 68.5(h) X 26.7(d)Shipping Weight300 lbs

75% (15)
best buy?
best buy?
I’ve needed a new refrigerator for a while now. Oh sure, the current one works. It manages to sputter along, but it’s an energy hog, extremely fussy and occasionally leaky. (Coincidentially, I can say the same thing about myself as I age.) So I’m taking tentative dips in the icy cold world of refrigerator buyin’. Been doing research to see what’s out there. After all, it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually purchased one of these contraptions. My word, once you start investigating there’s more to think about than there is when writing a dissertation. It’s madness I tell you! With all the options and choices it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Only the candy has gotten really really expensive. What style do I want? Bottom freezer? Top Freezer? Side-by-side? Counter-depth? (Huh?) French door? French door with double freezer drawers? How about freezer-less? I sure soon they’ll be coming out with the iFridge. It’ll have flaws, but good lord look how snazzy it is! What about color? Or lack of it? Do I want white? Black? Bisque? (Mmm, lobster bisque. But I digress.) Stainless steel? Wood-like? Does it come in a lovely 1970’s avocado? Or perhaps a Brady Bunch mustard? Don’t forget capacity! How many cubic feet do I need? (Cause you know we all think in terms of cubic feet.) Wait. Scratch that. How many cubic feet do I want? Now is not the time to be practical! Actually, it is the time to be practical when it comes to things like frozen pizza. Critical question: Will one fit? (Hey, you’d be surprised, especially with the fancy french door models.) Also, will one layer of shelves be severely compromised if you need to rearrange their height so another can fit tall bottles? Then there’s sheer bulk. How tall? How wide? What’s the depth? Name the size, it's out there. Sizes to fit every nook and cranny. Have a 400 square foot kitchen? Not a problem! Take a look at the LG Gargantuan! No kitchen? Just a little postage stamp sized area with fake linoleum? Try the Samsung Mini-Me! Of course they all look fabulous in their own way, but the real question looms: Are they any good? Never mind those ratings from consumer groups. Look at the customer comments! (Which, in truth, only serve to confuse me.) Should I put more stock in the rant of that guy from Omaha who didn’t like how cold his beer got or the glowing praise from that woman in Tupelo whose Mississippi Mud Pie was heavenly thanks to the perfect temperature the freezer kept her ice cream? Oh yes, before it slips my mind, please share useful information about the warranty. I’m talking about the one you don’t need to pay extra to get. Naturally, these decisions are most often finance driven. What’s my price point? Aside from the cost of the damn thing, is delivery free? Will the old one get hauled away without a charge? What does it cost to remove it from the box? And can someone please enlighten me on what exactly the tip protocol is for appliance delivery guys? How much should the wiping of their feet before they enter the house count in relation to their sunny disposition? So, as you can see, there’s a lot to think about. The coming weeks will be filled with choices and decisions. In the end I simply want to make the wise pick, the best buy. Because, you know, when all is said and done I’ll still need cash in hand to fill my new beauty with frozen pizza. Assuming it’ll fit. September 8, 2010
Bisque-Fired Bottle
Bisque-Fired Bottle
This church-keyed bottle is one of the pieces from my most-recent kiln bisque firing.

bisque counter depth refrigerator
bisque counter depth refrigerator
ACCUSPLIT AL608 Finger Hold Tally Counter
The Accusplit AL608 Tally Counter.

The AccuSplit Alliance AL608 Handheld Tally Counter is great for ticket takers at sporting events or for any other tallying needs. The AccuSplit AL608 is easy to use, and is manual so no batteries are needed - just start clicking away. The AL608 is designed for handheld use and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. This Tally Counter counts up to 9,999 in increments of one, and then rolls over back to zero. Sleek, simple, and durable as they come, the AL608 Tally Counter comes with the AccuSplit exclusive five-year no-proof-of-purchase warranty.