Integrity USA is sponsoring a visit by Bishop Christopher Senyonjo (ret.) from West Buganda, Uganda, for a 6-week U.S. and European speaking tour. His visit will be an historic opportunity to hear the personal witness of a courageous man of faith who has proclaimed God's inclusive love and spoken truth to power in homophobic Uganda. Bishop Christopher has been a valiant straight ally of the LGBT community and has experienced firsthand the cost of discipleship for his work and witness. He brings words of both hope and challenge of all those working for equality and inclusion in the church.

Bishop Senyonjo has been an outspoken advocate for human rights in Uganda. He has taken great risks in defense of LGBT people in his country, a nation where lawmakers recently considered imposing a death penalty on homosexuals. He will address the homophobic and draconian anti-gay movement and legislation pending in Uganda.

His ministry with Integrity Uganda could soon outlawed by the government, and Bishop Christopher could be put in prison for his support of LGBT Ugandans. He has strongly condemned the bill as a violation of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and a violation of the sacred bonds of the Ugandan extended family system. He calls the bill inhumane and was recently a part of a delegation to the Speaker of the House to reject the bill.

Please be a part of this historic tour, donate to support his work and share these venues with your friends.

The bishop will be visiting the following communities:
  • Los Angeles May 10- 16th
  • Sacramento May 17-18th 
  • San Diego May 19-21st 
  • Orange County May 15-16th and 21st 
  • San Francisco May 22-26th 
  • Minneapolis May 27- 31st
  • New York June 6th-8th, 13th-17th 
  • Belfast and Dublin Ireland June 18-21st
For more information, contact...
Rev. Canon Albert J. Ogle
Vice President for National and International Affairs
Integrity USA 

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