Historical Audio Tour of the Bishop Arts District

I have lived my entire life in the distinct and diverse Oak Cliff. For years my family has explored the countless nooks and crannies of this closely knit neighborhood, discovering hole-in-the-wall shops, intriguing sites and warm-hearted people. However, despite the fact that my family has lived here for three generations, I know little of the history of my unique community; and that is why I chose my project.

I researched the history of the locally famous Bishop Arts District, and from my findings composed an audio tour of the history of the many businesses that line Bishop Avenue. I gathered information from over fifty articles from the Dallas Morning News archives and an interview with Oak Cliff developer, David Spence. While I direct listeners around the Bishop Arts District, they will learn the history of the stores they pass, hearing about everything from dynamite to homing pigeons.

I did this in hopes that visitors would venture over to Oak Cliff and discover that it is actually a fun, welcoming place. I want them to realize that every person and every place has a story worth telling.

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