Wedding favors you can make : Fan wedding favor.

Wedding Favors You Can Make

wedding favors you can make
    wedding favors
  • Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.
    you can
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wedding favors you can make - 144 Fortune
144 Fortune Teller Miracle Fish - Fortune Telling Fish
144 Fortune Teller Miracle Fish - Fortune Telling Fish
Place this paper-thin red plastic fish in the palm of your hand and its movements will indicate your romantic state. No one knows romance like a fish! As a unique and fun give-a-way I offer the Fortune Teller Fish to kids at birthday parties and to adults at cocktail receptions. Many adults recall these fish from their own childhood days and it's amusing to see grown adults toying with them. The fish is actually made of a space-age polymer plastic that is heat sensitive. When placed flat in a person's hand, their own body heat will cause the fish to wiggle and move like magic! DON'T TELL THEM THIS! Place the fish in another person's hand and explain that the fish has special powers and that the way that it twitches will predict their future.

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Dreams Are The One Thing You Can Never Stop Even If You Want Too
Dreams Are The One Thing You Can Never Stop  Even If You Want Too
Always dream and reach for the stars Even when it seems silly and not possible The one thing you can't control is what you dream about If you try to block it out they find you in your sleep Even the ones you wish would leave When you close your eyes you think about someone You don't always choose who it is, your mind does it for you That thought you never talk about The smile you can't stop from forming The laugh you can't stop from having And then while your sleeping you're in a fairytale Dreams aren't bad unless you make them that way Always Dream and always take that leap of faith The times you don't, you never know what you're missing The times you do, and it was the wrong leap Call it life lessons, And without them we'd never learn Each one takes us to being who we are Without them we'd never live We'd never live to the fullest, like we all are destined to do We'd miss so much that was meant to be So go ahead and dream, open up, and set yourself free by:kas' © All rights reserved
You can see how tiny Itzee is...
You can see how tiny Itzee is...
You can see how tiny Itzee is...that's the curb behind her and she isn't even as tall as it is! She was holding her own against the wind that was blowing so hard that day. She is probably between 3 - 5 pounds but stands up to the big dogs LOL. She is such a cutie pie. We have had a very busy day today. Hope to visit more tomorrow. I am watching all the dogs carefully in case they start the coughing like Willow was doing. Itzee has coughed some today so am keeping her close so I can monitor her. Hope everyone has a beautiful night with sweet and happy dreams.

wedding favors you can make
wedding favors you can make
Set of 100 Cherry Blossom Fans Wedding Favors Can do any quanity you need.
In Japan, the cherry blossom is seen as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. It's also a way to symbolize love through a language of flowers. These are a few of the many meanings that cherry blossoms have symbolized throughout the years, but let's not forget that they also are stylishly smart and sophisticated, and make a chic statement at any wedding. This practical Asian inspired accessory will keep your guests cool and comfortable as they watch your ceremony, attend your reception or enjoy your bridal shower. Each bamboo fan is covered in white silk and hand painted with a delicate pink cherry blossom design. Shown here with our Cherry Blossom Square Labels (not included). Size: 8" in length. Occasionally products may temporarily go out of stock. If this happens, I will e-mail you immediately to let you know or feel free to e-mail me before you order to ask just in case. If you need a different quantity, please e-mail me for pricing and I can create a special listing for you. Thank you for visiting my store!