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TopicDateLink to Workshop Materials
TopicDateLink to Workshop Materials
myICLUB reports May 1, 2018 Workplan -DRAFT - Work in progress 
Review of PERT systems available to SCMIC April 3, 2018 Work plan with extensive notes 
Portfolio Management March 6, 2018 Workshop Information 
Ratio Analysis Workshop February 6, 2018 Ratio Analysis Workshop 
Analyzing Financial Ratios  January 2, 2018 Workshop rescheduled for Feb 6, 2018 
Focused Research in Financial Statements: Ratio Analysis December 5, 2017 Focused Research in Financial Statements: Ratio Analysis 
Tips to Creating a Quick SSG -- and next steps November 7, 2017 Tips to Creating a Quick SSG 
Stock Screening with Value Line and Online Tools October 3, 2017 Stock Screening w/Value Line and Online Tools 
Screening w/ Value Line and Online Tools - Recording October 3, 2017 Recording 
SCMIC Operating Procedures Revisions Workshop September 5, 2017 Recording 
Airline Stock Comparison August 1, 2017 Airline SCG Revisit 
Invest-I-Gator Club Portfolio Review June 6, 2017 Invest-I-Gator Portfolio Review 
SSG Bloopers May 2, 2017 SSG Bloopers 
MoneySmart Week presentation April 25, 2017 Why to Invest In Stocks project plan 
Bank Industry Review April 4, 2017 Bank Industry Review 
First Cut Stock Studies March 7, 2017 First Cut Stock Studies 
Using Value Line January 10, 2017 Using Value Line 
Cash Flow Workshop December 6, 2016 Cash Flow Workshop 
November Workshop - Demonstration of BISCC chapter website resources November 1, 2016 Demonstration of the chapter's website and resources available 
October workshop - Using stock screeners October 4, 2016 Demonstration of the variety of the stock screening tools available 
Clueless to Checklist: Portfolio Review September 6, 2016 Portfolio Review Process 
Focusing on Dividend-paying Growth Stocks August 2, 2016 Dividend Paying Growth Stocks 
June Workshop - Airline Stock Comparison June 7, 2016 June Workshop - Airline SCG 
SSG Mentoring: Stock Study using CoreSSG with members of the Investigators IC May 3, 2016 Online, realtime workshop 
SSG Mentoring: Stock Study using CoreSSG with Gary Eppler and Bob Houle April 5, 2016 Online, realtime workshop 
#12-Stock Analysis on PB/FFIN/SBNY/SF by Ken Peters March 1, 2016 TBA - your ideas?? 
#11-Toughest Investment Decision? with Bob Houle February 2, 2016 Toughest Investment Decision? 
#10-Finding Small Companies to Study with Ken Peters January 5, 2016 Finding Small Companies to Study 
Mentoring Workshop: Jim, Sam, Ganesh & Phil with Bob December 15, 2015 Mentoring Workshop 
#9-Smashing More BI Myths presented by Bob Houle December 1, 2015 Smashing More BI Myths 
#8-Company Size and Expectations on the SSG presented by Bruce Layman  November 3, 2015 Company Size and Expectations on the SSG 
Projecting Future Sales & Earnings with Joan Fosdick October 6, 2015 Projecting Future Sales & Earnings 
#6-Beginners Tour of the Stock Selection Guide with Bob Houle September 1, 2015 Beginners Tour of Stock Selection Guide 
#5-"Introduction to Investing" instruction with Jerry Addleman August 4, 2015 Introduction to Investing 
#4-Stock Study: Marci Greenberg, Robin Angel with Laura Scott & Joan Fosdick (TFM) July 7, 2015 TFM Workshop with "Cents & Sensibility" investment club 
Additional analysis on KORS - floating workshop notes June 1, 2015 KORS Revisited 
#3-Portfolio Reviews Made Eas(ier) with Joan Fosdick & Bob Houle May 5, 2015 Portfolio Review Workshop 
#2-Stock Study: Sonia Charles & Ken Peters (ROST) April 7, 2015 ROST workshop 
#1-Stock Study: Bruce Layman & Bob Houle (KORS - watchlist quality verification) March 16, 2015 KORS workshop 
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