Welcome to a new school year!

This year, maths lessons are located in Rooms 15, 16, 17 & 24.

- HW Help - Drop in to Room 24 for some help on any maths you are struggling with from one of the Maths Department teachers or a classmate. Check the schedule for your Key Stage.

If you are just joining the Secondary school, please be sure to read
Equipment & New student information to prepare for your Maths lessons.

Students in all Key Stages have access to MyiMaths, which is a website they may use in lessons, for homework or for revising for tests. Students should log on to the site using the school login information, which their teacher has.

Then they should log on to MyPortal using their personal details and continue by selecting a topic of their choice or clicking on the work assigned to them by their teacher. Each topic has a lesson, which students can click through at their own pace, and a homework, which they can do more than once to improve their grade and demonstrate they have learned from their mistakes. Students should always have a pen and paper to work things out on (ideally their exercise books) when completing assignments on MyiMaths. 

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ISMTF Senior competition 2015 - Snowman instead!

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Maths Team
KS3, 4 & 5 Maths Teams meet during lunch 13.15 - 13.45 during Terms 1 & 2: KS3 on Fridays in Rm 17, KS4 & 5 on Tuesdays in Rm 16. The Y6 Maths Team meets in Rm 17 on Wednesdays at morning break.

Look what I found in the Karlsplatz underground station in Vienna!

Do you know this number?

How many digits did you see? Can you memorise that many? Get ready now for the Digits of Pi competition in March...