Virginia Bennett, HCHD


Virginia has been attending births since 2007 and has experience with home, water, birth center, and hospital births.

She is happily married with 2 children.


Birth Philosophy-

I believe that a woman's body is naturally made to give birth, though each woman in unique and so is the experience that she has.  No matter a woman's circumstances, I feel that she should have access to a doula's services.

As a doula I play an important role in supporting you and your partner's emotional, physical, and informational needs.  It is my desire to help create a birthing experience that is both positive and comfortable.

Doula Sevices-

  • Complimentary no obligation initial consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits
  • Discuss your birthing desires, expectations, and labor options
  • Assist with a birth plan (if desired)
  • Access to my lending library and pregnancy notebook
  • Phone, text and email support
  • Care and support during labor and delivery
  • Help with initial breastfeeding and/ or cloth diapering (if desired)
  • 1 postnatal follow up visit





Virginia is a certified hypno-doula



Certified Birth Doula, DONA (Pending)

 Hypnobabies Certified Hypno-Doula